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The Grand Announcement

In mid-July 1941 an announcement came from Washington, DC that Colorado Springs, and the Pikes Peak Region was about to see a change that is still important to everyone in this area. A large Army... Full story


Down at the Station

I was reminded the other day about the convenience we have with our mail. In late August and early September, as recent as the 1960 's, was big for the mail, and the railroads. It was then that the...


In The Movies (Again)

I was watching television recently and it stirred me to do another column about television, the movies and our history. As I mentioned before, Gunsmoke was my favorite radio program. When they went...


Bad Roads

I recently traveled to Oklahoma, and a good friend's hometown. Now, here in Colorado Springs, we passed a tax to get the streets fixed, but in this little town I saw some really bad streets. So what... Full story


Passing of a Legend

All over America there are people who remember this lady, thanks to Ft. Carson's ever-rotating families; and that is what even brought her here. Now who could this be? When I started teaching at... Full story


Tourist Fun

Over the years there have been stories of races between trains on railroads that ran on parallel tracks. My favorite is the Colorado Midland and the Rio Grande along the Arkansas north of Buena...


Visitor Returns

In the early summer of 1939 an elderly gent from Santa Barbara, California, came to Colorado Springs for a visit. At one time, about fifty years before, he worked in Manitou for the cog railway. Actua... Full story



Now what comes into your mind with this story? Well, today I have a story that is a bit different. It features the taxi from over a hundred years ago! Back before automobiles a taxi was a fancy... Full story


Snow Problem

I ran across an interesting snow clearing problem from back in 1889. I have heard of this happening out on the eastern plains of Colorado, and even on the lines south of Denver, about a hundred years...


From The Summit

In June, 1889 a new attraction was opened in this area. The latest achievement by the builders of local attractions was the construction of a carriage road to the very summit of Pike's Peak, 14,148...


A Race With A Train

I have done tons of stories about the train, how about another? Taking the train was once a way of life. If you wanted to travel any distance in a hurry, you went by train. As I have told you, Fountai... Full story


One That Did Not Make It

Not all the railroads dreamed up actually got built, even when the idea came from an experienced railroad man. From October, 1889 comes the story of a railroad that was never built. By 1900 there...


Purely Poetic

Cy Warman was a well known poet of the area a hundred years ago. He was, among other things a railroader, of the type called a "boomer". He worked on various railroads for various lengths of time. In...


A Daring Robbery

I ran across this little tale in the 1889 newspapers and thought I would share it. Today the town is normally quiet, but this tale is right out of an old western movie. Florissant, a little city on...


One That Did Not Make It

Not all the railroads dreamed up actually got built, even when the idea came from an experienced railroad man. From October, 1889 comes the story of a railroad that was never built. By 1900 there...

 By Mel McFarland    Community    May 3, 2017

A Deer Problem

A few years back they banned hunting on the Air Force Academy. The deer had become quite tame, and unafraid of people and their pets. After a few years they found they had a deer population that was e...


The Military Highway

Back in 1940 there were proposals for a new highway across Colorado. The amazing Pennsylvania Turnpike had just opened and the “super highway” was introducing the country to the next generation of...


A New Train

In the late 1930’s all sorts of improvements were coming to transportation. The automobiles of the late 1930’s were quite different than those of merely ten years before. The changes in aircraft... Full story


The Bates Ranch

This story dates from the late 1930's when an interesting bit of history was made public. The ranch, near present day Security, had been settled in the early days of the Civil War. J.W. Bates had...


A Big New Business

In March, 1939 an announcement for a new business was made. This new industry was actually similar to an already flourishing business in nearby Colorado Springs. The Van Briggle pottery had started... Full story


Moving Time

I was recently talking to one of my readers about things I could write about, and she gave me this idea. I used to hear stories from my grandfather, and my uncles about moving. My grandfather and his...


Stone for Good Use

I ran across an interesting bit of information. First here is a story from 1889. The Western Granite company of Colorado has a large force of men at work at their quarries at Fisher, a few miles... Full story



Reports of accidents occurring on the Midland, was often big news in the newspapers of the day. It seems that excitement of any kind was big news, just like today! I thought I might share with you...



There were stories about all kinds of pests a hundred years ago. My favorite, and one of the first I learned about was the grasshopper infestations. Yes, they happened a bunch of times. Another that a...


How Do You Keep Them?

There is an old saying about, How are you going to keep them down on the farm, after they have seen Paris! Which dates from World War One. This story is just about a few boys and their idea as to...


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