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Welcome Back Janet!!

You may remember Janet Huntington’s past column “Food for Our Table,” which appeared regularly a few years ago. The columns were highly popular and so many readers voiced their sadness when the... Full story


Clean up Went Well

I wanted to start off by thanking all those that volunteered and participated in the Great American Cleanup this past weekend.  It was a bit of a wet morning, but it was a great event that helped... Full story

 By Doug Lamborn    Opinion    April 26, 2017 

April District Work Period

I enjoyed the opportunity to hear from so many constituents during my Town Hall Tour. In three days, I held free and open Town Hall Meetings in each of the five counties of the Fifth Congressional Dis... Full story

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion    April 26, 2017 

Don't Be "That Guy"

One single life can affect so very many. How, is the question. Over 20 years ago my family of four (before our youngest was around) were traveling home in our van. We had been all over town just...


From "Food for Our Table" to "Up on the Green Side" - It's Good to Be Back

Several years ago, I wrote a food column for this paper, called Food for Our Table. Circumstance took me away, changed who I was and what I could write about. I am back and eager to share again. Up on the Green Side is an expanded version of my old c... Full story


The Best Gift Of Life Is Love

If you have the luxury of living a long life, hopefully it is spent learning and growing and especially loving. Also teaching others what you have learned from your own life's journey. I try to learn... Full story


Attracting New Businesses to Our City

Of all the changes that impact a growing community, perhaps none is as visual or interesting to the public as new businesses coming to town. Whether it is a favorite restaurant, a new clothing retaile...


County programs available in the Fountain Valley

I hope all enjoyed a wonderful week and Easter Sunday.  The weather made for a nice weekend and I got to enjoy a church potluck after Easter services.  Later, I took advantage of the great day by... Full story


A Pro-Life Victory

April 13: I released the following statement last week in response to the President signing House Joint Resolution 43: "H.J. Res. 43 is an important step for pro-life values. This resolution reverses... Full story


Efficiency Standards Costing Me over $11,000

Please consider this an open letter to the community to make you aware of what my family is experiencing. I have sent this letter to Congressman Doug Lamborn. The current mandated hot water efficiency standards are costing me over $11,000. I live in... Full story


You Have Got To Take The Bad With The Good

I don’t care whether you support our president or if you are not a fan of the man, things are scary right now. We hear on the news all of this stuff about the tension getting thick with North...


Dome to Home: HB17-1242: Transportation Funding

Here is the latest installment in the ongoing effort to keep you informed about critical issues here at Dome to Home. One of the most pressing issues is transportation funding as addressed in HB 17-12... Full story


Congratulations to Jim and Kathy Coke for Being Honored as 2016 Volunteers of the Year

Dear Editor, I want to take this opportunity to belatedly add my congratulations to Jim and Kathy Coke on their selection, by the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce, as the 2016 Volunteers of the Year. They are the perfect couple for this award:... Full story

 By Doug Lamborn    Opinion    April 12, 2017

Lamborn's Ledger

Statement on the Confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court April 7 Following is my statement I released following the Senate's confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to sit on the United States Supreme... Full story


Do You Remember Easter? I do.

I remember Easter as a kid, the baskets and the big fat jelly beans that were almost the size of my thumbs! I don’t remember ham but I do recall, sometimes, a church service. My mother nearly dying...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    April 12, 2017

Advice From an Older Sister

While watching TV, I heard a person ask, "What three things would you take to an island?" My mind wandered and wondered. I'm not normally easily sidetracked but on this day, I was very distracted by...


Water Update

In preparation for the upcoming summer months I wanted to take a moment to go over a few key items we are working towards as it pertains to the current water situation and how we fit into the big...


Reforming the Department of Youth Corrections

The dramatic rise in violence in Colorado's Division of Youth Corrections (DYC) was the subject of a report published this February by the Colorado Child Safety Coalition titled "Bound & Broken,...


Pikes Peak Great American Cleanup to be April 22

Good day.  I was happy to see additional rain and snow to the region this past week, as we have been in need of moisture to combat recent fire dangers.  I also hope that those that got some time...

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion    April 5, 2017

Surviving Spring Break

Why is it that "The Great Powers That Be" insist on making bad weather for this break that the kids look so forward to having? I mean, HELLO... it is SPRING break! The season of blooming flowers and...


No Goodbyes Allowed With Hero/Friends Like These

Two dear friends are preparing to leave our community, to move to northern Colorado where they will be closer to their family. While we can't begrudge Russ and Irene Lambert that, we can't help but... Full story


State Reps. Pabon And Landgraf: Colorado Must Continue To Unleash The Sharing Economy

Originally printed in The Colorado Statesman on March 21, 2017 A few years ago, Colorado triggered a wave of innovation when it became the first state to update its laws so that ride-sharing digital...


Spring is in the Air

As we enter the spring season, I hope all are enjoying the rain and light snow from the past week.  We've been in need of moisture so I am happy that the region has gotten even just a bit of it.  I...


Frustrated in Fountain

I find myself a frustrated resident for at least two reasons currently. I’m not sure who makes the final decision on economic development decisions for Fountain, but recent decisions seem ridiculous. When Fountain already has eight pizza... Full story


Babies and Dogs

I recently read of a brutal attack by two dogs on a three-year-old girl, March 21, in the Black Forest/Falcon area. The little girl was bitten in the face and body and partially scalped. She faces years of physical therapy and surgery, and is...


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