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All-America City Spirit is Alive and Well!

I was so very pleased to receive the following announcement from Daniel Lewis, (printed at bottom of this column in italics,) who manages the Fountain Community Theater. He and others from the...


Western Heritage Events, Rabies Concerns

I hope all are enjoying a nice week.  As we continue through a hot and dry week, please remember to be cautious regarding wildfire threats.  Entering the summer season, I also wanted to remind resid...


A Call For More Civility And Respect

Following is my statement on the June 14 tragic shooting at the Republican's practice for the Congressional Baseball game. "I want to make an appeal to the community at large, to have more civility...


Saluting a Very Special Shining Star- Natalia Taylor

It's always a pleasure for us to highlight the good that is happening in the community. Especially when it involves our youth. All too often I hear people talk about "bad kids" or our "troubled...


Communities That Care, Improving Roads, Combating Marijuana Issues

I hope all are having a great start to your week.  I was away a few days last week for a statewide counties' conference and wanted to recount part of that, as well as thank all those that came out...


Thanks to Everyone at Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic for Your True Compassion

I am writing this because I found a local business that I wanted to let everyone know about. Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic LLC. I was in their office with 2 of my kitties a bit over a week ago. I brought one in the first day and my other the next... Full story

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    June 14, 2017

Too Tired to Care

Recently, I was boarding an airplane and saw printed on a woman's shirt, "Too tired to care". At first it made me chuckle. Later I reflected and wondered what was she too tired to care about. Hmm? It... Full story


Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

The proof was puddled in the straw. A carefully cracked shell held a smear of yolk and glistened with sticky albumen. Something was getting into my eggs. Whatever it was had just been here, in broad...


To: School District 8 Board Members:

I read the article on Mitch Johnson in our local paper, written by the Colorado Sports Corporation. Mitch has been honored by the State of Colorado as well as the federal government for his work with children. It made me think... what has happened... Full story


How to Stay Healthy and Safe While Traveling

Every year more and more people are traveling internationally. Depending on where you are traveling to, there may be special recommendations for your health and safety. Before you travel, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it...

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion    June 7, 2017

Oh My Word...

There is a reason why you sow your oats while you are young. There is a reason you get married (the first time) while you are young. There is a reason why you have children while you are young. There...


Up on The Green Side

Sometimes, my life feels like a rough game of Twister and the spinner keeps landing on “right hand, green.” I had the grandiose daydream of the three of us working in a little orchard, making cheese from the milk of our sweet dairy goats,...


A Special Message for the Class of 2017

On behalf of all the News staff, it is with much pride that we congratulate the Class of 2017 from Fountain Valley's high schools on your graduation and the successful completion of your K-12... Full story


Memorial Day

I wanted to thank all those that came out to any of the areas' Memorial Day ceremonies on Monday, and I hope all enjoyed a great weekend. I am always proud to see the great support our residents have... Full story

 By Ken Lippincott    Opinion    May 31, 2017

Who Won the Water Issue?

Who won the water? It certainly hasn’t been Fountain residents. Let’s see..our rates were raised five years in a row to pay our share of the Southern Colorado Delivery System costs. We gained use of our water from the Arkansas River, which is a... Full story


Patricia's Point

Remembering Those We’ve Lost The month of May is a busy one here each year. We start the month focused on Mother’s Day, followed by local graduation ceremonies and the special keepsake we put... Full story


Commisioner's Corner

Memorial Day As we focus on Memorial Day this weekend, I wanted to highlight the memory of those service members that have given their lives for our great country.   While I encourage all to... Full story

 By Lois Landgraf    Opinion    May 17, 2017

Budget Week at the Capitol

(Editor's Note: This column should have preceded last week's column, which was inadvertently published out of order.) Budget week in the House of Representatives took place a couple of weeks ago.... Full story


You Said It

Dear Editor: Families who care about animals want no part of circuses that force them to perform. But instead of modernizing by featuring only willing human performers, Jordan World Circus clings to...

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion    May 17, 2017

A New Chapter Is Beginning For This Old Bird...

Mornings like this set my heart to skipping. No, I am not stroking out, I am skipping happily along. Beautiful morning with Pikes Peak Mountain watching over us, with the peak still so white with snow...


Very Best Wishes to Margueritte Davidson on Her 99th Birthday!

It is truly an honor for me to wish a happy 99th birthday today to a dear and sweet lady who has been so kind to me all the years I have known her. I can't quite place a number on how long that is, bu... Full story

 By Lois Landgraf    Opinion    May 10, 2017


The 2017 session of the Colorado General Assembly could be described in one word: disconnected. The Senate Republicans with a one seat majority generally held together to defeat outrageous, and someti... Full story


Cemetery Update:

I wanted to pass along some updated information regarding the planned Pikes Peak National Cemetery.  The Chairman of the PPNCC, Vic Fernandez, provided an update that the site’s specific address... Full story

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion    May 10, 2017

Time and Patience Pays Off

After several years of waiting, from 2015 to 2017, nearing completion, Fontaine Blvd. gets new sidewalks. If you live or drive in this area, surely you have noticed how the students had to walk in the...

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion    May 10, 2017

My Lifeblood is Coffee!

If you know me, even just a tiny bit, you know that I have a love affair with coffee. I don’t hide it, it’s no secret, I love coffee. It has never failed at pleasing me. I was driving my daughter...


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