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Our Community (and America) at its Best...

I witnessed something truly beautiful on Saturday, Sept. 29. I was present as our community's military and retired military residents and representatives came to gather to honor a fallen comrade. We f...



Once again our country has suffered a terrible, senseless, horrific tragedy, leaving us asking why? As we try to wrap our minds around why anyone would seek to harm so many innocent people, why an...


Taking A Look Back At How it all Began

This week as we observe this newspaper's 59th anniversary and the beginning of our 60th year of serving the local community, our thoughts turn first to how it all began and to our paper's... Full story


On the Eve of Our 59th Anniversary

Your hometown newspaper team is excited to celebrate our 59th anniversary next week and the start of our 60th year of serving the local community!! We just wish our co-founders, H. Kay Larson and my...


Thanks for Helping Make YOUR Hometown Newspaper What it is...

I want to start off this week by expressing our thanks to long-time Fountain resident and a dear friend of ours, Barbara Lynette for sharing photos with us Tuesday morning that she took right in... Full story


Kudos to Mayor Pro Tem Phil Thomas for Speaking Out about Water Issues

Kudos to Mayor Pro Tem Phil Thomas for Speaking Out about Water Issues Space limits prevented me from publishing this last week, but I wanted to be sure and give a shout out to Fountain Mayor Pro Tem...


Congrats to a Beauty of the Valley!!!

This year's theme for the 48th Annual Fall Festival hosted by the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce on Labor Day weekend is "Beauty of the Valley." So it is just perfect that this year's honored...


Saluting our Purple Heart Recipients!!

Please join us, as we join with the Fountain City Council, in honoring all of our local Purple Heart recipients this coming week. At last week's city council meeting, the council proclaimed Aug. 7 as... Full story


Congrats to our "Crown Jewel" on its 25th!

It is hard to believe our beloved Fountain Creek Nature Center, referred to by many here as the Fountain Valley's "crown jewel," is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week! It is certainly a... Full story


Recognizing One Of Our Shining Stars...

At the time of this writing, we are busy preparing to print our paper a day early, so that the staff can enjoy the 4th of July. Thoughts of freedoms and what makes America great come to my mind. Part...


Congratulations to Security Florist - 50 Years of Serving our Community

It is truly a pleasure this week to recognize our friends at Security Florist on the flower and gift shop’s 50th anniversary. When I first joined the News staff in 1981, some of the first people I... Full story


All-America City Spirit is Alive and Well!

I was so very pleased to receive the following announcement from Daniel Lewis, (printed at bottom of this column in italics,) who manages the Fountain Community Theater. He and others from the...


Saluting a Very Special Shining Star- Natalia Taylor

It's always a pleasure for us to highlight the good that is happening in the community. Especially when it involves our youth. All too often I hear people talk about "bad kids" or our "troubled...


A Special Message for the Class of 2017

On behalf of all the News staff, it is with much pride that we congratulate the Class of 2017 from Fountain Valley's high schools on your graduation and the successful completion of your K-12... Full story


Patricia's Point

Remembering Those We’ve Lost The month of May is a busy one here each year. We start the month focused on Mother’s Day, followed by local graduation ceremonies and the special keepsake we put... Full story


Very Best Wishes to Margueritte Davidson on Her 99th Birthday!

It is truly an honor for me to wish a happy 99th birthday today to a dear and sweet lady who has been so kind to me all the years I have known her. I can't quite place a number on how long that is, bu... Full story


Welcome Back Janet!!

You may remember Janet Huntington’s past column “Food for Our Table,” which appeared regularly a few years ago. The columns were highly popular and so many readers voiced their sadness when the... Full story


The Best Gift Of Life Is Love

If you have the luxury of living a long life, hopefully it is spent learning and growing and especially loving. Also teaching others what you have learned from your own life's journey. I try to learn... Full story


No Goodbyes Allowed With Hero/Friends Like These

Two dear friends are preparing to leave our community, to move to northern Colorado where they will be closer to their family. While we can't begrudge Russ and Irene Lambert that, we can't help but... Full story


Patricia's Point

The most enjoyable aspect of serving this community at your hometown newspaper is all of the wonderful people we meet in the process of working on stories, attending community events and... Full story


Hurricane-Force Winds an Eye-Opener!

Just when "we" thought we had seen and experienced "it all," along came Monday's Hurricane-force winds that were more ferocious than anything this Colorado native has ever experienced before in my 53...


Let's All Do More to Protect Our Youth from Bullying

Long ago, when I started 7th grade at a new school, there were a few mean girls who made jokes about my clothes and a few other things. It was the first and only time I experienced bullying, although...


So Much To Celebrate Happy 28th Geof!

As 2016 comes to a close, I want to thank all who make it possible for us to bring you this newspaper every Wednesday... from those who advertise on our pages, and all who subscribe, to our dedicated...


Frank Always Said it Best

We find ourselves without adequate words this week. The fellow who could always put thoughts into words so beautifully, eloquently and sometimes very seriously and matter-of fact is gone, and we find...


A Little Black Puppy and a Kind Stranger

This month we are inviting readers to share about their favorite holiday story, memory or tradition. I have a few I'd like to share briefly. One of the best surprises of my life came when I was a little girl, probably 6 or 7. On Christmas Eve Mom...


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