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Purchase of Emergency Mobile Command Center a Great Step Forward

Dear Editor, A great big thank you to our city leader and employes for the purchase and equipping of the soon-to-be emergency mobile command center. This mobile center will be a great asset for our... Full story


Love is Ageless

Hi. I'm Crissy. I lived for nine years in a puppy mill, but I was rescued a few weeks ago, and now I'm an official spokesdog for "Adopt-a-Senior-Pet" month. From the moment Theresa Strader from...


City Government is Eager to Hear from Fountain's Citizens

As an Army sergeant preparing to retire in the spring, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the Veterans in Local Government Management Fellowship program (VLGMF). VLGMF gives individuals the chance to work in several...


And What Are You/We Doing to Make This World A Better Place?

It seems today all we hear is a lot of jabbering about things we know nothing about. We are like parrots, repeating what someone else has said. Often times we can get ourselves into some unbelievable...


Still Some Good Things Happening

Editor’s Note: The following letter was published last week but contained errors. So we are reprinting it this week with our regrets. How wonderful it would be if we lived in a world of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness. It would be great waking up... Full story


Still Some Good Things Happening

How wonderful it would be if we lived in a world of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness. It would be great waking up to good news every day, or at least more often than what we encounter today. Who do we blame for so much disturbance? How much do we... Full story


Do You Remember When?

In 1977 in Fountain, there was one fire station, across from a store and gas station (now home of Coke’s Diner.) Loaf ‘N Jug was located next to it, near where Family Dollar is. There was a garage/gas station that Rayco took over after a fire or... Full story


Op-Ed: Follow-up on Local Water Contamination Issues

I appreciate the responses from State Representative Lois Landgraf and Congressman Doug Lamborn to my Guest Editorial (printed last week), and I am encouraged to hear that our elected representatives...


Interventions Can Mean Difference Between Life and Death

Interventions can be the difference between life and death for a drug addict or an alcoholic. Not every person in need of rehab is going to initially jump at the chance to get clean and handle the issues that drove them to addiction. While some...


Hurricane Harvey Scams Already Starting

With the recent news of thousands upon thousands of people in Texas suffering numerous effects of Hurricane Harvey, I am already starting to hear of a number of phone scams, email scams, website... Full story


Where Have Our State And Federal Officials Been The Last Year And Seven Months Regarding Our Local Water Contamination???

I've had it with waiting for our "powers that be" at the state and federal level to step forward and show leadership regarding the contaminated wells and PFC water issues in the Fountain Valley... Full story



Have you ever felt like your personal identity has been violated? Like what you once believed about your town being safe, your home being safe, your personal property and your family being safe has... Full story

 By Jim Skadden    Opinion    July 26, 2017

An Open Letter about Rampart Range Sertoma to the Friends of the Pikes Peak Region

An Open Letter about Rampart Range Sertoma to the Friends of the Pikes Peak Region Rampart Range Rotary Club loves this area and we work to make it better. We need your help. We give dictionaries to third graders in many schools in our area. Their... Full story


Thanks for Community Services You Provide

I want to say “Thank You” to our “Hometown Community Newspaper”! You keep us informed on what is going on with many different things and events in our area. Also, many do not know that regarding the “What’s Happening” segment, you... Full story


An Open Letter from School District Eight

To the Fountain Community, We very much appreciate the partnership and collaboration between the school district and our local paper. The Fountain Valley News is critical to our community and helps support our students by keeping you informed of... Full story


Thanks to Everyone at Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic for Your True Compassion

I am writing this because I found a local business that I wanted to let everyone know about. Fountain Creek Veterinary Clinic LLC. I was in their office with 2 of my kitties a bit over a week ago. I brought one in the first day and my other the next... Full story


To: School District 8 Board Members:

I read the article on Mitch Johnson in our local paper, written by the Colorado Sports Corporation. Mitch has been honored by the State of Colorado as well as the federal government for his work with children. It made me think... what has happened... Full story

 By Ken Lippincott    Opinion    May 31, 2017

Who Won the Water Issue?

Who won the water? It certainly hasn’t been Fountain residents. Let’s see..our rates were raised five years in a row to pay our share of the Southern Colorado Delivery System costs. We gained use of our water from the Arkansas River, which is a... Full story


You Said It

Dear Editor: Families who care about animals want no part of circuses that force them to perform. But instead of modernizing by featuring only willing human performers, Jordan World Circus clings to...

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion    May 10, 2017

Time and Patience Pays Off

After several years of waiting, from 2015 to 2017, nearing completion, Fontaine Blvd. gets new sidewalks. If you live or drive in this area, surely you have noticed how the students had to walk in the...


Efficiency Standards Costing Me over $11,000

Please consider this an open letter to the community to make you aware of what my family is experiencing. I have sent this letter to Congressman Doug Lamborn. The current mandated hot water efficiency standards are costing me over $11,000. I live in... Full story


Congratulations to Jim and Kathy Coke for Being Honored as 2016 Volunteers of the Year

Dear Editor, I want to take this opportunity to belatedly add my congratulations to Jim and Kathy Coke on their selection, by the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce, as the 2016 Volunteers of the Year. They are the perfect couple for this award:... Full story


Frustrated in Fountain

I find myself a frustrated resident for at least two reasons currently. I’m not sure who makes the final decision on economic development decisions for Fountain, but recent decisions seem ridiculous. When Fountain already has eight pizza... Full story


Babies and Dogs

I recently read of a brutal attack by two dogs on a three-year-old girl, March 21, in the Black Forest/Falcon area. The little girl was bitten in the face and body and partially scalped. She faces years of physical therapy and surgery, and is...


Thank you Widefield Water!!!

I wanted to take a moment and express our thanks and appreciation to everyone at Widefield Water. We recently received a note about high water usage, and they offered to come by and check for leaks. After a plumber found a broken connection from the...


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