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Are We Going To Wait Till It's Our Kids?

ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING, WHY ARE METAL DETECTORS NOT IN OUR SCHOOLS??? I had a BIG sign in the front door of my business starting the day of the Florida High School Shooting... it Read: MAKE OUR...

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion    May 2, 2018

Sing on Baby Girl!

Oh my word!! I have a 15-year-old daughter who is turning 16 this summer. Do you have any idea what that has meant? This is the same daughter who went to Australia last year and is going to be going...


Fountain's Mayor Endorses State Representative Lois Landgraf

Dear Editor, I’m honored to lend my support to Representative Lois Landgraf.  As a Representative for District 21, she has supported our community by introducing legislation relative to the PPRTA,...


Constitutional Carry or Jacket Tax?

As reported by Channel 13 in Colorado Springs on March 8, "A proposal in the Colorado legislature that would allow people to carry a concealed handgun without a permit has passed the Colorado Senate... Full story


EPC Sheriff Endorses State Rep. Lois Landgraf

I have worked with Lois Landgraf for a number of years, both in her position as a city Council woman in Fountain and now as our HD21 Colorado state representative. She is a stalwart conservative...


RE: Our Parks, City, State and Wildlife

How many parks are needed? How many parks does Fountain have? How many national parks are there in the USA? Must we keep up with every state to be satisfied, (I doubt it.) What a shame; we are losing...


Why elect Ray Garcia to House District 21?

My name is Raymond Garcia, and I am running for the Colorado State House of Representatives in District 21.  I come from a Colorado Pioneer family with Native American roots.  I am a solid Conservat...


Weddings are a Beautiful Thing!

My family was invited to a wedding this weekend in Central City, Colorado. We were so happy for the couple and could not wait. We did not bring our son as he had plans for a bit of Valentine fun...

 By Jim Snare    Opinion    February 14, 2018

Yes, Water is Still an Issue!

Yes, Water is Still an Issue! Re: Ken Lippincott letter of 2/7/2018 Is Water Still an Issue? You bet it is!! As villages, towns, and cities grow the need for potable water increases. As villages,...


Conservatism vs. Pragmatism

My wife's opponent for Republican Representative to the Colorado State Legislature for House District 21 has announced that he is the only Conservative running for the position. He uses the...


Is Water Still an Issue?

It looks better, tastes better coming directly from my kitchen faucet and through the filtration system in my refrigerator. I've thrown away 10, one-gallon, plastic jugs, which I've traipsed back and...


Citizens Impacted by PFC Contaminated Water in El Paso County Demand a Seat at the Table

By Susan Gordon, Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition Steering Committee (Jan. 12) *See bottom of article for Most Recent Updates Residents in southeastern El Paso County are taking action to...

 By Jerrie Nix    Opinion    January 24, 2018

Starting the New Year Thankful!

Dear Editor, I am starting the year out by being thankful!! On November 4, around noon, my husband and I were running errands. We stopped at the post office. I decided to grab some cash and head in... Full story


Dream Well!

Have you ever dreamed of living in a bigger house or being a millionaire? Do Not Lie... you know you have, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We have all had dreams of bigger, better,...


Couple Grateful to Stranger Who Paid for Their Groceries During the Holidays

It was two days before Christmas at the Fountain Wal-Mart on Highway 85/87. A total stranger stepped in front of me and said, "I want to pay for your groceries." I said, "We can pay for our own... Full story


Purchase of Emergency Mobile Command Center a Great Step Forward

Dear Editor, A great big thank you to our city leader and employes for the purchase and equipping of the soon-to-be emergency mobile command center. This mobile center will be a great asset for our... Full story


Love is Ageless

Hi. I'm Crissy. I lived for nine years in a puppy mill, but I was rescued a few weeks ago, and now I'm an official spokesdog for "Adopt-a-Senior-Pet" month. From the moment Theresa Strader from...


City Government is Eager to Hear from Fountain's Citizens

As an Army sergeant preparing to retire in the spring, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the Veterans in Local Government Management Fellowship program (VLGMF). VLGMF gives individuals the chance to work in several...


And What Are You/We Doing to Make This World A Better Place?

It seems today all we hear is a lot of jabbering about things we know nothing about. We are like parrots, repeating what someone else has said. Often times we can get ourselves into some unbelievable...


Still Some Good Things Happening

Editor’s Note: The following letter was published last week but contained errors. So we are reprinting it this week with our regrets. How wonderful it would be if we lived in a world of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness. It would be great waking up... Full story


Still Some Good Things Happening

How wonderful it would be if we lived in a world of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness. It would be great waking up to good news every day, or at least more often than what we encounter today. Who do we blame for so much disturbance? How much do we... Full story


Do You Remember When?

In 1977 in Fountain, there was one fire station, across from a store and gas station (now home of Coke’s Diner.) Loaf ‘N Jug was located next to it, near where Family Dollar is. There was a garage/gas station that Rayco took over after a fire or... Full story


Op-Ed: Follow-up on Local Water Contamination Issues

I appreciate the responses from State Representative Lois Landgraf and Congressman Doug Lamborn to my Guest Editorial (printed last week), and I am encouraged to hear that our elected representatives...


Interventions Can Mean Difference Between Life and Death

Interventions can be the difference between life and death for a drug addict or an alcoholic. Not every person in need of rehab is going to initially jump at the chance to get clean and handle the issues that drove them to addiction. While some...


Hurricane Harvey Scams Already Starting

With the recent news of thousands upon thousands of people in Texas suffering numerous effects of Hurricane Harvey, I am already starting to hear of a number of phone scams, email scams, website... Full story


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