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Efficiency Standards Costing Me over $11,000


April 19, 2017

Please consider this an open letter to the community to make you aware of what my family is experiencing. I have sent this letter to Congressman Doug Lamborn.

The current mandated hot water efficiency standards are costing me over $11,000. I live in a 1960 era, common 1,800 square foot, tri-level. We have a furnace and a gas hot water heater located in the crawl space.

The current tankless hot water heater was installed per code and now needs replacing. It was a common unit with a pilot light without the need of an electrical hook up. It would produce hot water during a power outage.

The new higher efficiency hot water storage heaters won’t fit under the crawl space due to the increased size due to added insulation. They need an electrical hookup due to the lack of pilot light in a quest for efficiency.

I have been forced by government mandate to install another tankless natural gas water heater.

The new Natural Gas (NG) Tankless unit requires an electrical hookup to my breaker box. Per code the unit requires a dedicated circuit.

The new high efficiency unit requires a larger flow of NG and I must have Black Hills Energy change the pressure at the gas meter, then re pipe the gas lines so the high pressure NG arrives to the Hot Water heater first. Then install a pressure reducer and new piping to supply NG for my furnace and NG stove.

The old hot water heater used an exhaust roof vent. The new high efficiency requires a new PVC made pipe that exits my home’s outside wall.

The new hot water heater does not have a pilot light and requires electricity. I have to replace my current breaker box to handle the additional mandated energy saving ignition system, and stay in code compliance.

If I choose to install a higher cost per month electrical water heater, I would still have to change my breaker box and run a dedicated 220 Volt line to the water heater.

The recent FEMA bailout of people who chose to live in landslide or forest fire areas has made me realize I have done nothing wrong to incur the expense and hardship that $11,000.00 of mandated expenses will cost me.

I am requesting assistance in collecting damages I have incurred due to government mandates.


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