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The Best Gift Of Life Is Love


April 19, 2017

Rena and Don

If you have the luxury of living a long life, hopefully it is spent learning and growing and especially loving. Also teaching others what you have learned from your own life's journey. I try to learn from and about the people I meet. Everyone has something to share or teach us.

Two very special people my husband, Ray, and I have been blessed to know and learn from, are our neighbors, Rena and Don (pictured below). Over the years they have become like family, and we have been so fortunate to witness their beautiful love story. Mind you, they both have really incredible life stories, but what has touched our hearts the most is witnessing the beautiful love they shared.

There was never Rena without Don, or Don without Rena. It just seemed an impossibility. In more recent years we have seen Don face various medical issues and he has been hospitalized a few times, however he always made it home to Rena, like he was invincible.

They say people can do miraculous things when love is involved and such was the case for Don. There never was a doubt in his mind about coming home to be with his sweetheart each and every time.

Sadly, almost two weeks ago our hearts were broken, when we got a call from Rena telling us Don had passed on. We were in shock, wishing we had one more chance to see him and to tell him how much he meant to us. Don was one of the kindest and most gentle men we have ever known. He never took life too seriously and always had a great big smile and hug anytime we would visit. He looked forward to each new day, especially because it meant another chance to tell his precious and beloved Rena how much he loved her. This is what we will remember the most.

Too often we get so caught up in living our daily lives we forget these things. But thanks to Don (and Rena), and their inspiring love story, Ray and I are even more committed to following their example and cherishing each moment we are given, as well as saying "I love you" with the dawning of each new day.

Thanks Don, we shall always cherish the times we had with you and Rena. We are forever grateful for all you taught us about love, including fighting for it with all of one's being, if need be.


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