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AYSO Results for April 8


April 19, 2017

Submitted by Carol Thomas-Barclay

AYSO Region 1225

Communications Coordinator

Many of our soccer players seemed to be chomping at the bit to begin their soccer games, Saturday, April 8. Some players had missed their game due to spring break while everyone missed the next game due to weather. Between the beginning of our Spring season and now, the players have shown great improvement with their soccer and communication skills.


The Golden Team – Coach Megan

The Golden Team was amazing! Jaden did great with job turning the ball around while Benjamin did a great job passing and kicking the ball to his fellow teammates, and Mikayla showed where she could take the ball from the opposing team and trying for a goal. Keep up the good work, Golden Team.

Orange Tigers – Coach William

The Orange Tigers are doing great! The players showed great effort at not only passing, but also at scoring goals. Four goals were scored for the Orange Tigers, by Tyler, Kaylee, and Oliveea. Great game!

Tiger Shark-Dolphins – Coach Wanda

Great game, Tiger Shark-Dolphins! Triana showed good defense, way to stay with it Andrew and Jeremy, Eliam showed good hustle while Selena showed off her great offensive skills and scored two goals.

The Foxes – Coach Breanna

Today, both Taylor and Toby made goals, while both Bella and Aliesa had both great hustle and kicking, and Sarah did awesome today with running and kicking the ball. The Foxes were amazing! Great job kids!

The Cheetahs – Coach Tiffany

The Cheetahs had a great defensive game! Lukas had great hustle and scored two goals!!

Green Lanterns – Coach Jeremy

The Green Lanterns had an amazing game with Gavin scoring the first goal of the game and then he scored another, followed by both Jordan and Mason scoring two more goals. Great team effort by all players made this a great game.


Snow Leopards – Coach Jenny

Great job team! Celeste had an amazing stop on the ball while both Emma and Manual did great at passing the ball. As goalkeeper, Kennedy made some awesome saves while Cameron scored a goal. Great job, Snow Leopards!

Red Eagles – Coach William

The Red Eagles did an awesome job today, with passing, communication, and they were great at defense with stopping the opposing team. Both William Jr. and Vanessa were great as goal keepers, while Michael showed great improvement, and Marley scored two goals. Keep up the great work Red Eagles!


Savage Dogs – Coach Jenny

Awesome job, Savage Dogs! Some nice passing between Hunter and Zander, which resulted in a goal for Hunter. Malakai, in defender, made some great stops; Sammi stole the ball, passed it to Zander for a goal. Both Bella and Eli had some awesome passing, which resulted in a goal. Great job team!

Lightning – Coach Grady

Great game by a great team! Both Chris and Justin had great hat tricks.

Game Shakers – Coach Christina

Great game, Game Shakers! CeCe showed both great hustle and passing, Izzy showed great hustle and showed great improvement in getting in position, Jordan had good passing and made amazing turns while Carsyn had some awesome throw-ins. Noah was aggressive on defense, had good breakaways, and made good goal block while Christopher was aggressive on offense. Eleven goals were made by Jordan and CeCe.


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