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A New Chapter Is Beginning For This Old Bird...


Mornings like this set my heart to skipping. No, I am not stroking out, I am skipping happily along. Beautiful morning with Pikes Peak Mountain watching over us, with the peak still so white with snow... it is the picture of many post cards, is it not? As I drive east it is in my rear-view mirror but when I am going back home it is right there in front of me, I can hardly watch the road, it is so very stunning.

I drive at least a half an hour every morning to take my daughter to school and then return home so I get about an hour of this view... Sometimes I am literally awestruck. Couple the view with herds of antelope grazing on the spring growth in the fields, meadow larks singing, calves playing, and the jackrabbits I see every morning and I really do believe Louie Armstrong when he sang this was a beautiful world.

No matter the weight on your shoulders or the pressing issues in the news, this beauty will wipe it away, even if only for awhile.

I have not kept secret my love of music and my ability to sing... (When I am all alone in my car). Lately it seems that no matter how many times I push the station buttons on my car stereo and surf the channels I cannot find a DJ that plays music but rather talks about his or her life...honestly, I just don't care to hear all that chatter and have found that I have begun to prefer the sound of the meadowlark's song and the overall silence of the rural drive I take twice daily.

On the way to school I have a 14-year-old girl to listen to, but my drive back home is my own to enjoy as well as the drive to pick her up in the afternoon. I love the sounds and the lack of noise of these drives, well, except for the occasional sliding on a dirt road because jackrabbits are unbelievable daredevils. They will hide behind plants along the side of the road placing bets on who can run in front of cars without getting hit. So, they hide and wait. The idea behind their horrific game is to dare each other to wait until the car is right 'there' before they run out at the very last second. You gasp and cry out "Bunny!" as your foot slams on the brake pedal... They are so good at this game!

I hate it though, because the clean fresh smells of even the dusty roads are sometimes polluted by the smell of skunk. I know the jackrabbits are behind this, that poor skunk got goaded into the jackrabbits dare game and as far as species go, they lack the speed of a jackrabbit and it is highly unfair. I know wherever a poor skunk lay on the dirt road... stinking, a jackrabbit had been egging him on insisting that the poor skunk could do it.

Mr. jackrabbit sat in that plant laughing whilst the poor skunk met the tire of a vehicle. Flat mean! But other than that, these are the best moments of my day and I will miss them so very much when we are living in our new home because we will be so much closer to the school and my drives will be less rural and more highway.

Which brings me to my next thought, follow along, coffee is working well today. We are closing on our new house this afternoon. We will begin moving our junk out there and fixing up our current home for sale. It took forever to get to this point it seems; but it came and it was rather abrupt, but that's okay we will take it. We are moving after 26 years.

Last night I do not believe I slept, I could hear my brain cranking juices. "We could put the Grandma's hutch in the formal living room and the fairy cabinet too...," "I wonder if dogs stay awake thinking?" "What if the road is closed at the office where we have to sign the papers?"

I swear there were really strange and abstract things running through my head that I just cannot share with you, but trust me when I say, it was a rough night and as a result today is ... well, maybe I will stroke out after all ha ha ha.

I am hoping that the light at the end of the tunnel of stress has come into view because I am so ready to relax a little bit.

A new chapter is beginning for this old bird.

Squawk! Kawkaw!


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