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Op-Ed: Follow-up on Local Water Contamination Issues


September 6, 2017

I appreciate the responses from State Representative Lois Landgraf and Congressman Doug Lamborn to my Guest Editorial (printed last week), and I am encouraged to hear that our elected representatives acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and understand our community's frustration. 

I also appreciate the personal update each has provided of their actions to help and respond to our community. Representative Landgraf is totally correct, we need to focus on improved communication, and ensure our citizens have the information they deserve regarding the actions of their elected leaders.  I remain committed to doing my part as their Mayor Pro Tem.  I look forward to improved coordination between us as elected leaders, and to helping convey to our community what future actions both Representative Landgraf and Congressman Lamborn are taking on their behalf.  Representative Landgraf will be a great point of contact at the State level, and I'll look forward to Congressman Lamborn's ongoing commitment to assign a staff member who can continue to be our contact at the Federal level.  I'll pay close attention to Congressman Lamborn's actions to advocate for additional funding to mitigate the effects of our contaminated water, and will ensure our citizens are kept abreast of our Congressman's personal attention to making sure the Air Force fulfills its responsibilities in this matter to our community.


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