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October 11, 2017

I witnessed something truly beautiful on Saturday, Sept. 29. I was present as our community's military and retired military residents and representatives came to gather to honor a fallen comrade.

We first learned about a memorial service being planned for Vietnam veteran Roman Belasco a few days prior, when contacted by District 5 VFW Commander Kevin Reinhold (also representing VFW Post 6461.) He said the VFW would be working with the American Legion Post 38 to be sure this veteran's family had support in their time of deepest grief and sorrow. He wasn't kidding.

I went to the American Legion that Saturday morning expecting to see a good size crowd, but I was overwhelmed by what I found after having to park a few blocks away. There were honor guard motorcycles, flags, veterans and people everywhere I turned. Walking into the hall I was stunned to see what I'm guessing was 400 or 500 people filling that room to the brim. I had to fight back tears witnessing the brotherhood and comradie represented. The military never forgets its own, and this was proof positive of it.

We so often see the best of America when attending local veterans events and this was certainly the case that morning. They truly are the best of our best. Honor, respect, valor, patriotism... it brings chills to me everytime I witness it. And the only persons to take a knee were various representatives of veterans organizations as they presented special gifts to Belasco's widow, Ute, in memory of her beloved husband. I felt very blessed to witness what I consider to be our community (and America) at its best that morning.

Take Care Of Your Eyes

October 12 is World Sight Day and while I normally might not have mentioned this in my column, it is worth doing so.

According to Jon Pederson, OD, President of the Colorado Optometric Association, the World Health Organization estimates that 80% of blindness or visual impairment is caused by common conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.  He shares that early detection of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration are another important part of comprehensive eye examinations.  Such exams can not only treat these common visual impairments, but also detect other eye diseases that could lead to vision loss and blindness. 

As he stresses, "Our vision is one of the most important of our senses, yet we often take it for granted."

Being a diabetic I am very aware of the importance of these exams and also just recently I became sadly aware of the impact it can have on our pets. Our older weimaraner, Micah, became diabetic several months ago and sadly, in the last two to three weeks he lost his vision very quickly. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing an animal struggling, and not being able to explain to them what is happening. He is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I have ever had. He actually "picked me" when we went to get a puppy some years ago. I reached down to pet the puppies in a pen and he came to me and stayed, while the others eventually ran off. Not once but twice.

My sweet "Micah man" is getting around pretty well considering, as many friends who have also had blind doggies have assured me. Pets and people are truly amazing what they can overcome and adapt to.

The best advice they gave was to be consistent with loving him and being strong for him, which I am definitely doing. And I sure won't be rearranging furniture for a long time.

Please, if you are overdue for your eye exam, make an appointment now. I plan to this week myself. It shouldn't have taken me receiving a press release on the subject to do so, but like many people, I tend to get so caught up in work and life, that such things can slip away from thoughts.

In closing, just wanted to mention that due to space limitations we will return with more 60th Anniversary features in the next week or two. I have to smile thinking how thrilled our late co-founders H. Kay Larson and my stepfather Carl H. Wiese to be knowing we had such a situation!! They had high hopes the paper they started would grow to be a valued community resource and their wishes have certainly come true!


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