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Nothing is Impossible 

A lot of us are faced with the impossible. We may have what seems to be impossible debts, physical illnesses, human relationships and vocational pressures.   Too often we hear someone say, “Nothin...


America Will Get Worse or We Will Become Better... it's up to Each One of us to Decide

My wife and I were walking around the streets of Annapolis, Maryland most of Wednesday. We had been visiting my Navy son who lives up the road, speaking to a church group and taking an afternoon to...


Guns, Opioids, Alcohol, Bad Judgment and Balance 

Every person in America should have the privilege of driving a car if they meet the qualifications.  Requirements involve passing written and driving tests and passing a vision test. Enough...


Billy Graham - Shaking His Hand  

I never had the opportunity to shake hands with Billy Graham. A few years back my wife and I were in the Asheville, North Carolina area and had a couple of free hours. We decided to drive to Montreat...


What President Trump Must Do  

 President Trump and Congress must end the pharmaceutical robbing of America. Every day Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Roche, Novartis, Merck, Sanofi and others are driving America's indebtedness... Full story


Hurting Our Young Americans' Futures

Millions of Americans in states like California, Illinois and Kentucky are already in peril because of the horrendous government mismanagement of teacher's and state worker's retirement money.... Full story


2018 - Look In The Mirror

How did 2017 go for you? Was it a good year or a not so good year? Regardless of what happened you can't change 2017. The year is behind us and 2018 is ahead of us. What can you do to make 2018 a grea... Full story


Harvey, Irma and 911, We Can Replace the Stuff

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been bad news to all in their paths. Lives have sadly been lost, houses demolished and personal items blown or washed away. Such horrific acts of nature remind us that... Full story


Lock America's Doors and Please Knock Politely

I was about four or five years old when I remember my mother locking the front door. She said something to my dad about people “out and about” on the road we lived on in the country. Our community was very safe but occasionally we heard about...


Guns In America and Shooting Back

I’m an advocate of the right to bear arms. I own several nice pistols and a shotgun. I wouldn’t mind adding a couple of more to my collection. I have never shot anybody or aimed a gun at a person. I hope and pray I never feel in such danger that...


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