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Vaudeville I

Sometimes, it doesn't pay to get out of bed, and last week was a perfect example. After several years of dealing with Parkinson's Disease (PD's) twisted sense of humor, I'm used to the way it messes...


Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

The proof was puddled in the straw. A carefully cracked shell held a smear of yolk and glistened with sticky albumen. Something was getting into my eggs. Whatever it was had just been here, in broad...


Up on The Green Side

Sometimes, my life feels like a rough game of Twister and the spinner keeps landing on “right hand, green.” I had the grandiose daydream of the three of us working in a little orchard, making cheese from the milk of our sweet dairy goats,...


Goats N' More

The Hyundai groaned and its tires squealed harmony as I rounded the corner. I was late. Claws scrabbled on the lumber in back as all five dogs slid into a pile. I felt so stupid. If I hadn’t stopped at the home improvement store, I wouldn’t have... Full story


From "Food for Our Table" to "Up on the Green Side" - It's Good to Be Back

Several years ago, I wrote a food column for this paper, called Food for Our Table. Circumstance took me away, changed who I was and what I could write about. I am back and eager to share again. Up on the Green Side is an expanded version of my old c... Full story


Babies and Dogs

I recently read of a brutal attack by two dogs on a three-year-old girl, March 21, in the Black Forest/Falcon area. The little girl was bitten in the face and body and partially scalped. She faces years of physical therapy and surgery, and is...


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