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 By Ken Lippincott    Opinion

Infanticide 2019

This isn't about the time before Christ when the Israelites were surrounded by the Canaanites who were Baal worshippers and they sacrificed children to their God, Molech. No, and... — Updated 3/6/2019

 By Ken Lippincott    Opinion

Fountain to be a Sanctuary City?

Recently, I received and completed a survey about Fountain becoming a sanctuary. It asked me what I thought about Fountain becoming a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.... — Updated 2/20/2019

 By Ken Lippincott    Opinion

Secure Social Security

Friday and Saturday nights I didn't sleep well at all. I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep. I'm distressed, upset, and in an ill humor! I've been researching Social... — Updated 2/6/2019

 By Ken Lippincott    Opinion

Is Water Still an Issue?

It looks better, tastes better coming directly from my kitchen faucet and through the filtration system in my refrigerator. I've thrown away 10, one-gallon, plastic jugs, which... — Updated 2/7/2018

 By Ken Lippincott    Opinion

Who Won the Water Issue?

Who won the water? It certainly hasn’t been Fountain residents. Let’s see..our rates were raised five years in a row to pay our share of the Southern Colorado Delivery System costs. We gained use of our water from the Arkansas... — Updated 5/31/2017 Full story

 By Ken Lippincott    Opinion

Bizarre in Fountain #4

Early this school year, I backed out of my driveway and began to navigate the bend in my road when I noticed a dark, hooded figure sitting on the curbing before my huge hedge and next to the driveway where I parked my truck. The... — Updated 11/23/2016


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