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We seniors have financial clout

Have you given any thought to just how much financial clout we seniors have? Not because we necessarily have a lot of money, but because there are so many of us. As a “silver block” we can make some changes. And with every day... — Updated 3/2/2021


COVID isolation affects our mental health, too

COVID hits seniors hard. Many of us have underlying medical conditions that make a diagnosis of COVID very risky in terms of recovery. But the lockdown from the pandemic has another risky side: mental health disorders. Whether... — Updated 2/23/2021


On Medicare? Beware of COVID card scam

Have you received a phone call asking if you’ve received your new “special” Medicare COVID card? Beware: There is no such thing. It’s a scam. I did receive such a call. The person on the other end asked if I’d received... — Updated 1/26/2021


Ordering your free credit reports

For years we’ve been able to get one free credit report per year from each of the three credit bureaus. Right now, we’re able to get a free one each week until the middle of April. Why? Their generosity is likely due to the... — Updated 1/20/2021


Art: unlocking your creativity

Creating art can be emotionally healing and freeing. Who among us can’t use a little of that nowadays? Once you get started, you’ll wonder why you didn’t begin sooner. Here are some ideas: • Collage Wish Board: Collect... — Updated 1/12/2021


COVID hits our wallets

You can learn all kinds of things from surveys, and not all of them are good. A recent SimplyWise bi-monthly survey showed that 35% of seniors age 60 and older are willing to risk getting COVID in order to work. Of those who are... — Updated 1/6/2021


The best you can do

A show of hands, please. Is anybody else getting worn out by the current state of our lives? Is there anything we can do about it? All I wanted was a package of socks. That shouldn’t be hard. In the past, once a year or so, I’d... — Updated 12/29/2020


Getting through winter

Cold weather is here ... joining the coronavirus and the flu. Such a wonderful trio of events all at the same time. The Old Farmer’s Almanac says that temperatures this winter will be a bit warmer for much of the country, at... — Updated 12/16/2020


Pants on Fire!

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has put out a timely warning about fire safety, especially for seniors. The main statistic is grim: We seniors make up about 16% of the population, but account for a whopping 77% of all... — Updated 12/8/2020


Keeping busy this winter

Winter is fast approaching, but at least we’re no longer getting those constant election phone calls, and the endless calls about signing up for a Medicare Advantage Plan have ceased. The one thing that hasn’t gone away is the... — Updated 12/1/2020


Fighting boredom

Are we bored yet? Of course we are. We’re staying indoors, especially now that cold weather has arrived, not shopping, not visiting friends, not doing much of anything. Somehow we have to get through this winter, though, and now... — Updated 11/17/2020


Act now to change your Medicare plan

Have you finished making your decisions about your Medicare plan for 2021? If you’re going to make a change, you have only a short time to pick a new one. The deadline is Dec. 7. There are so many options: Medicare Advantage, a... — Updated 11/11/2020


Social Security increase for 2021

The news is out. Our Social Security benefit increase starting in January 2021 will be less than it was for 2020. Instead of the 1.6% increase we received this year, they’re cutting us back to 1.3% for Social Security benefits... — Updated 11/4/2020


Online scammers eye holiday shoppers

Holiday shopping online is one of our annual rituals, at least for a portion of the gifts we want to buy, but with COVID making in-person shopping too risky, a much larger percentage of us are likely to shop online. That’s what... — Updated 10/28/2020


A Comfy Nest for Winter

Since it looks like this horrible coronavirus isn’t going away soon, we might as well take a few steps to make our lives more comfortable over the winter. Here are some ideas: -- Investigate a new wireless router to speed up... — Updated 10/21/2020


Senior News Line: Who's Hoarding the Mini Blinds?

It’s a bit unnerving to walk through a store and see so many empty shelves. I haven’t been to the local big box store very often lately, but I wanted to see if what I suspected was true. I’d been unable to order a number of... — Updated 10/13/2020


Senior News Line

They never give up. Scammers are still taking every opportunity to steal our identity and separate us from our money, and the list keeps growing. Here are a few of the scams out there now: Seniors are getting calls from people who... — Updated 10/7/2020


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