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Rix Quinn - Aging Gracefully

I just got back from a family reunion. I enjoyed seeing distant cousins whose names I couldn’t remember. I just called them all “cuz.” They called me the same thing, and we had a great time discussing things we’d done toget... — Updated 6/28/2022

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Rix Quinn - Fears

One positive trait I acquired during the pandemic was ultra-cleanliness. I bathe lots more, and yesterday I washed my hands 19 times, not including the time I spilled sanitizer on my hairbrush. My knuckles look like walnuts...very... — Updated 6/21/2022

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Rix Quinn - Dating

I often eat lunch with a group of downtown buddies. Recently we discussed our dating years. Some of these guys are currently unmarried, but not by choice. A few of them have something to offer a lady, but others might be... — Updated 5/31/2022

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Rix Quinn - Special Abilities

I’ve always been jealous of people who discover their talents early. There was this kid in my middle school class named Karen. She drew still nature scenes better than anybody. Any time the school needed pictures of flowers, vege... — Updated 5/24/2022

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Rix Quinn - Generations

I’m a Baby Boomer with several Millennial friends. I don’t know if it’s because they value my wisdom, or because they find it amusing to watch me type text messages using only my index finger. Since many of us work from home... — Updated 5/10/2022

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Rix Quinn - Aunts, Uncles and Cousins

My friend Mel just got back from an uncle’s funeral, where he met family members he did not know he had. Personally, I’ve met more relatives at funerals than I have at weddings…but maybe it’s because weddings require an... — Updated 5/3/2022

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Rix Quinn - Working at home

Luckily, I’ve got a little home office. It’s a place I can go sleep after my morning coffee. On Monday I had lots of time on my hands, so I took an online test to gauge my maturity level. It said I was “childish, obnoxious,... — Updated 4/19/2022

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Quinn Summary – Who's Calling?

The phone rings several times a day at my “office,” a place under the stairs where we used to store cleaning supplies. I equipped it with a TV tray to hold my computer, and a carboard box to house my “research materials.... — Updated 3/29/2022

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Quinn Summary – The Middle Ages: Part 2

Although some terrible viruses are around today, we’ve still got it better then folks who lived between the 5th and 15th centuries. Those were called the Middle Ages because surviving to 50 seemed impossible. Here’s the deal:... — Updated 3/22/2022

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Quinn Summary – The Middle Ages

I’ve been reading old articles we’ve had around the house since the 1980s. I keep a file folder near my desk that holds newspaper and magazine clippings. Some days I read about things that happened last year. Sometimes I read... — Updated 3/15/2022

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Quinn Summary – The downside of smiling

In elementary school, a teacher advised us to “Face the world with a smile.” I discovered that might not be the best plan. For instance, if I saw another kid get in trouble for talking, I loved it. I would laugh, the teacher wo... — Updated 3/8/2022

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Quinn Summary – School Lessons

At lunch a few weeks ago an old friend asked, “What lessons did you learn from your school years?” Well, here are five that stuck to me like glue. What lessons did you learn? 1. Bells rule our life. The last high school bell,... — Updated 3/1/2022

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Quinn Summary – Baseball Memories

At a family reunion, I went outside to play catch with a cousin. “I’d rate your baseball skills below average,” he said. “Does that surprise you?” That didn’t shock me one bit. I score below average in most sports,... — Updated 2/15/2022

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Quinn Summary – A fable from the next table

At dinner, I sat next to two ladies engaged in conversation. I strained my ears to catch any possible gossip. But, they weren’t talking to each other. Each had someone else on the phone. Instead of one conversation, I was... — Updated 2/8/2022

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Quinn Minute – A celebration of phones

If you’re like me, your life can be divided into two time periods…BCP (Before Cell Phones) and ARD (After Rotary Dials). Yeah, back in those ancient times a phone was stationary. It sat on a desk or hung on a wall, and you appe... — Updated 2/1/2022

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Quinn Minute – Moving Day

One of my friends just asked me, “I’m about to move. You got any ideas for organizing the process?” Actually, I once read a book on getting organized. Unfortunately, right now it’s lost. But here are my suggestions: First,... — Updated 1/25/2022 Full story

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Quinn Minute – Senior Rings

Do you still have your high school senior ring? I’ll never forget the day our rings arrived. If somebody hadn’t locked me in a toilet stall, I’d have been first in line. Many folks have no idea what happened to their rings.... — Updated 1/18/2022

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Quinn Minute – New Year's Resolutions

So, have you made your New Year’s Resolutions? I discovered long ago that the best resolutions require the least effort. Big plans often lead to big problems. Listen to this: Last year, my friend Lisa resolved to marry. That... — Updated 1/11/2022

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Quinn Minute – Attention Spans

Do people today really have shorter attention spans? Well, it appears that because multiple messages bombard us daily, we mentally “delete” those we don’t currently need. (This explains why some folks forget what they had... — Updated 1/4/2022

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Quinn Minute – Christmas Carol

One of my favorite stories is “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. How many other tales feature a miser, four ghosts, tombstones, and a goose? Actually, before I read this story, I thought it was about somebody named Carol.... — Updated 12/14/2021


Quinn Minute – Christmas trees

Christmas trees are like a distant cousin. They come to your house, surround themselves with presents, and stay a month. Then they begin to shed, and need somebody to drive them off. People often do strange things with cut trees.... — Updated 12/7/2021


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