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Famous Places

So what makes someplace famous? I have recently talked about our local attractions and tourists. I spent nearly four years in the Air Force, mainly near a famous little town in... — Updated 5/20/2020


Entertainment on wheels

With the events of the past couple months, I was thinking about how it was a hundred years ago. Yes, in the days long before radio and television, entertainment was quite different... — Updated 5/6/2020


Staying Home

Well, I must admit times are curious! I usually talk about the past, but here we are in times that are certainly different. I wonder what they will say about us in a hundred years!... — Updated 4/15/2020



Conveniences I often wonder how some of us would have survived in the mining camps and even farms of over a hundred years ago. As I read old newspaper stories of the time, some... — Updated 3/18/2020



I often wonder how some of us would have survived in the mining camps and even farms of over a hundred years ago. As I read old newspaper stories of the time, some sound like... — Updated 3/11/2020


The Worst Storm

With the interesting winter we have had this year, I thought you’d like this story from a Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper in early May of 1904. I thought, for those of us think... — Updated 3/4/2020


Fire in the Yards

Fire in the Yards A hundred years ago the area from 26th to 21st along what is now US 24 was the Colorado Midland railroad yards. Occasionally there were accidents and fires in the... — Updated 2/12/2020


Cobweb Express: Down the Creek

When General Palmer was starting to build the Denver and Rio Grande, he built south from Denver toward Mexico. He hired a number of surveyors to look at various routes. He had... — Updated 2/5/2020


Driver's License

In about 1910 there were enough automobiles around that the idea of a driver's license started here in Colorado. It would take another eight or nine years before they thought they... — Updated 1/29/2020


Cobweb Express: Statues in the Street

Here is a Colorado Springs problem, we do not have! Statues in the streets downtown. Which was fi rst? One that actually is not there anymore, except as a modem replacement. In 192... — Updated 1/22/2020


Winter Surprises...

With the winter really upon us, it certainly has been a surprise, all over the US! I want to go back to this time of year in 1891. That winter there was a real surprise in store. Th... — Updated 1/15/2020


This New Year

Now that the year end holidays are finished, how about thinking about the past a bit? In the recent months we have had winter weather to consider. In normal years it is hard to... — Updated 1/8/2020


Prisoners On Peak Summit

With the Winter we are having I thought this April, 1927 story of opening the railroad up Pikes Peak would be interesting. I started working on the railway just before they started... — Updated 12/31/2019


When the Tour Cars Stopped

In the past I have talked about the area's tourist interests. In the 1930's when this area exploded with tourists, and Cottage Camps, another industry started. Driving the visitors... — Updated 12/24/2019


Danger on the Road

Old US 85/87 north out of Pueblo was called “The Ribbon of Death” prior to construction of 1-25. The two lane concrete road, built around 1930 was state of the art when it was b... — Updated 12/18/2019


An Old Story

I sort of got into this last week, but I want to talk today about Old Pictures. I have a thing about old pictures. I have enjoyed looking at pictures all of my life. The curiosity... — Updated 12/4/2019


And What Was Here?

I often go out and visit spots where I know an event of interest happened. I have on many occasion gone with groups on hikes to interesting locations. On these the question is alway... — Updated 11/27/2019


An Interesting Gift

Some of you may remember that another former teacher here in Fountain and I wrote a book on Phantom Canyon. Students from Fountain Middle School may remember the enthusiastic Mrs Wo... — Updated 11/20/2019


A Big New Business

I have been asked about this story recently. It all started when the idea of Christmas presents for friends came up. In March, 1939 an announcement for a new business was made.... — Updated 11/13/2019



In the late 1870s until World War I, the railroads sent their general passenger agents out to dream up sweet melodies with which to lure the tourist and emigrant. Each railroad... — Updated 11/6/2019


Home on the Range

As long as I am doing some ancient history, ever heard of Charles Aiken? He came to Colorado in the early 1870s, and became famous for the animals here in this area. He studied... — Updated 10/30/2019


October Snow

I have done a few stories here about early storms. If you have lived here more than a few years, you probably have your own stories about some of our snowstorms. My time on Pikes... — Updated 10/23/2019


Ghost Towns

I recently drove US 85 north to the Wyoming Black Hills. I have driven this route over 50 years. I was a bit surprised this trip by the ghost towns along the way. When I first rode... — Updated 10/16/2019



In the Winter of 1934, Colorado, as well as the great plains, suffered a drought. I have told stories about bad winter storms, here more than once. Reading the old newspapers in... — Updated 10/2/2019


Down at the Depot

I have done several columns about the two railroad stations here in Fountain, but I ran across this event and thought I would share it with you today. In the 1950s the railroad... — Updated 9/25/2019


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