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Green Tomatoes: Fruit of the Vegetable Patch

Every year, my small vegetable garden produces far more tomatoes than I can possibly use. As the season wanes, an abundance of green tomatoes forlornly hang on the vine looking for enough sun to turn them into red jewels. I’ve... — Updated 9/16/2020


A recipe to highlight Colorado's famous Pueblo chile peppers

Southeastern Colorado's hot dry summer days, rich soil and pure water provide the perfect environment for growing chile peppers. Pueblo chile pungency ranges between 5,000 and... — Updated 9/16/2020


Corn Adds Pop to Salads

There's an old saying that the best way to prepare freshly picked corn is to have a pot of water boiling in the corn patch so that you can cook it instantly. It's best to cook... — Updated 9/10/2020



HOLLYWOOD -- Can you guess who is the highest paid actor in films for a second year in a row? "The Rock" of ages, Dwayne Johnson, pulled in $87.5 million, including his pay for the... — Updated 9/9/2020


Couch Theater DVD Previews

This weekend I took some time out to relax with my youngest. Her choice: "The One and Only Ivan," courtesy of Disney+. It's a heartwarming story, based on real life, of a... — Updated 9/9/2020


Insomnia one of many side effects from taking Prednisone

DEAR DR. ROACH: I was prescribed prednisone 5 mg twice daily, but I had insomnia, itching and hot flashes from it. I stopped after four days but am still suffering from sleeplessness. Has the prednisone had a permanent effect on... — Updated 9/9/2020


Husband Makes Frequent Nighttime Bathroom Visits

Husband Makes Frequent Nighttime Bathroom Visits DEAR DR. ROACH: My husband, 79 years old, is getting up five or six times at night to urinate. The urgent care doctor said he doesn’t have an infection but doesn’t know what’s... — Updated 9/2/2020


Exercise down, TV watching up: New study reveals trends during lockdown

Couch potatoes? The average Coloradan is doing 33 percent less exercise than before the pandemic began, reveals a survey. • Coloradans have watched an average of 397 hours of TV... — Updated 8/19/2020


Celebrate Colorado Proud Month with local Colorado corn

August is prime time for Colorado produce, and sweet corn is just one of the many items available. There are nearly 4,000 acres of sweet corn grown in Colorado every year.... — Updated 8/19/2020


5 ways youth can connect food choices to a healthier planet

(Family Features) Although many young people care deeply about global issues like food and the environment, they don't necessarily see these matters as connected. By learning more a... — Updated 8/19/2020


MINDSOURCE Brain Injury Network releases state plan

The Colorado Department of Human Services' MINDSOURCE Brain Injury Network, in partnership with the Colorado Brain Injury Advisory Board, has released its Brain Injury State Plan,... — Updated 8/19/2020



It’s hot, and like many of you, one of my favorite ways to cool off is with a bowl of ice cream. Vanilla ice cream continues to be America’s flavor of choice. Ice cream’s origins are known to reach back as far as the second... — Updated 8/19/2020


Take a Peach to the Beach

Summer brings with it an abundance of fruits, like peaches, that reach their peak of juicy perfection in the heat of July. Peaches are rich in antioxidants that help to maintain a... — Updated 7/22/2020


No-Cook Summer Breakfast Porridge

No-Cook Summer Breakfast Porridge Once your kids turn the last page of the classic bedtime story "The Three Bears," tell them that when they wake up in the morning, they'll get to... — Updated 7/22/2020


Vegetarian may have fructose intolerance

DEAR DR. ROACH: What can you tell me about fructose intolerance and/or malabsorption? Is there a genetic predisposition to this? Can it develop later in life? What are the symptoms, and how is it diagnosed? What type of doctor can... — Updated 7/15/2020


5 DIY steps to improve indoor air quality, cut electric bills

Colorado Springs-area homeowners are no strangers to increasing electric bills in the summer months due to sudden afternoon hailstorms and the load they put on the air conditioning... — Updated 7/8/2020


It's hail season - research contractors to avoid scams

Hail season is here, and parts of the Pikes Peak Region got a tough reminder recently. The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department wants to remind property owners of a few things... — Updated 7/8/2020


Fructose intolerance is rarely diagnosed

DEAR DR. ROACH: What can you tell me about fructose intolerance and/or malabsorption? Is there a genetic predisposition to this? Can it develop later in life? What are the symptoms, and how is it diagnosed? What type of doctor can... — Updated 7/8/2020


Legal, financial planning among free webinars to help Alzheimer's caregivers

A free webinar designed to help the families living with Alzheimer’s disease make critical legal and financial decisions is among the series of programs offered at no charge by the Alzheimer’s Association in July. The... — Updated 7/8/2020


Local author covers sickness and friendship in new book

Middle school can be a hard time for even the most well-adjusted kids. It's even harder for kids who have unusual conditions, as Kim Shatteen learned when she contracted ophthalmic... — Updated 7/2/2020


These Foods Help Skin Fight Sun

As the temperature continues to climb, and the sun shines hotter, brighter and longer, it’s important to consider all of the ways that you can protect your skin. No matter what race you may be, if exposed for a long enough... — Updated 7/1/2020


Raw or roasted, go nuts for nuts

DEAR DR. ROACH: I have seen numerous articles extolling the advantages of eating nuts because they are a good fat. I often have wondered if it matters whether the nuts are raw or roasted. Would you please explain the difference... — Updated 7/1/2020


Sunscreen 101: Get the most out of sun protection products

The Skin Cancer Foundation shares top tips for sunscreens Summer is heating up, and many states have rolled back stay-at-home orders implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19. As... — Updated 6/24/2020


Good-for-You Sweet Treats

(Family Features) While eating healthy and enjoying sweets seldom go hand-in-hand, choosing the right combination of nutritious ingredients can allow for guilt-free indulgences that... — Updated 6/24/2020


Celebrate National Dairy Month with milk and cookies

June is National Dairy Month, so raise a glass of milk and toast the beautiful bovines that make delicious dairy products possible. Dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt provide... — Updated 6/24/2020


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