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Local author covers sickness and friendship in new book

Middle school can be a hard time for even the most well-adjusted kids. It's even harder for kids who have unusual conditions, as Kim Shatteen learned when she contracted ophthalmic... — Updated 7/2/2020


These Foods Help Skin Fight Sun

As the temperature continues to climb, and the sun shines hotter, brighter and longer, it’s important to consider all of the ways that you can protect your skin. No matter what race you may be, if exposed for a long enough... — Updated 7/1/2020

 By Dr. Keith Roach    Community 

Raw or roasted, go nuts for nuts

DEAR DR. ROACH: I have seen numerous articles extolling the advantages of eating nuts because they are a good fat. I often have wondered if it matters whether the nuts are raw or roasted. Would you please explain the difference... — Updated 7/1/2020


At-Home Allergy Shots? The Risk Is Too High

DEAR DR. ROACH: After giving myself allergy shots at home for years, my allergy doctor’s group has decided that it’s too dangerous for patients to do this anymore. The allergy practice will no longer send a vial unless you can... — Updated 6/24/2020


Warm weather skin care tips

(Family Features) If you've ever noticed how thirsty you get when it's hot outside, that's because your body's natural water content evaporates more quickly in warm weather. It's... — Updated 6/24/2020


Sunscreen 101: Get the most out of sun protection products

The Skin Cancer Foundation shares top tips for sunscreens Summer is heating up, and many states have rolled back stay-at-home orders implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19. As... — Updated 6/24/2020


Good-for-You Sweet Treats

(Family Features) While eating healthy and enjoying sweets seldom go hand-in-hand, choosing the right combination of nutritious ingredients can allow for guilt-free indulgences that... — Updated 6/24/2020


Celebrate National Dairy Month with milk and cookies

June is National Dairy Month, so raise a glass of milk and toast the beautiful bovines that make delicious dairy products possible. Dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt provide... — Updated 6/24/2020


Survey says: What dads want

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, Americans are looking to find the right gift for Dad. But if you’re tempted to get him another tie to add to his growing collection, reconsider. According to, a national... — Updated 6/17/2020


A summer indulgence menu

(Family Features) A summer weekend isn’t complete until you fire up the grill, but flame-kissed steaks are just the start to an unforgettable meal that celebrates all the best of... — Updated 6/17/2020


Go ahead, make his day Dad-approved gifts for Father's Day

(Family Features) An entire day dedicated to dear ol' dad may not be enough to show the depths of your appreciation, but a hug, a heartfelt thanks and some quality time (even from... — Updated 6/17/2020 Full story


Breakfast: Berry balanced, or bacon

( Add fruit to your Father's Day breakfast with this take on French toast, which includes a mixture of berries, bananas and vanilla yogurt wrapped in tortillas and... — Updated 6/17/2020


A perfect steak sidekick

Grilling up a homemade meal is a classic way to show appreciation to loved ones at backyard barbecues. This summer, as you enjoy grilling steak, try adding an extra touch of flavor... — Updated 6/17/2020


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