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Simple tips for creating a better wedding registry

(Family Features) For some couples, the idea of registering for wedding gifts is an exciting way to start planning for the home they'll be sharing as newlyweds. For others, the... — Updated 4/21/2021


Family fresh key lime pie

It's been a long winter, and now it's time to celebrate a new season! Nothing says spring like the zingy taste of citrus, and that's when my favorite Key lime pie recipe takes... — Updated 4/21/2021


A brunch spread fit for spring

(Family Features) From tasty small bites to a filling feast and even dessert for breakfast, brunch options are nearly endless. Take your spring brunch to the next level with... — Updated 4/21/2021


A memory-making mousse

( Some of the best memories throughout life stick with you forever as you play them over and over in your head and smile, thinking fondly of those times. A lot of... — Updated 4/21/2021


Refreshing dishes for dining al fresco

(Family Features) Some of life's most cherished moments are shared with loved ones around the table. As temperatures climb, cheerful sunshine and sparkling blue skies are the... — Updated 4/21/2021


5 tips to enhance your wedding decor

(Family Features) Wedding days are meant to be filled with love and celebration, and what better way to ring in the new stage of life as newlyweds than with a well-decorated venue... — Updated 4/21/2021


Put more you into your wedding day

(Family Features) A wedding day is filled with symbolic tradition, from varied religious customs to the never-ending circle reflected in the rings and the types of flowers... — Updated 4/21/2021


Wedded bliss in times like this

(Family Features) During pre-COVID times, wedding concerns like venue capacity had far more to do with budget and vision than with the health and safety of guests. It's a different... — Updated 4/21/2021


Repurpose bottles for Earth Day fun

This spring, as we near Earth Day on Thursday, April 22, the thought hits me how I'm actually very grateful for recycling and the way my family, the neighborhood and our city has... — Updated 4/21/2021


A box of greeting cards

A few months ago, I got the idea to send greeting cards to some residents of a local nursing home who were locked down and not allowed to have visitors. It started small: a box of greeting cards and the first names of some of the r... — Updated 4/14/2021


Spruce up for spring: fresh ideas for home upgrades

(Family Features) Spring means it's time to start sprucing up your home and garden with a little TLC inside and out. If you're unsure where to begin, consider these tips: Make... — Updated 4/14/2021


5 tips to spring clean your home inside and out

(Family Features) Spring cleaning isn't just about purging dirt and grime. It's also the perfect opportunity to take inventory of items around your home. As you tackle this... — Updated 4/14/2021


Spring Lawn Equipment: get ready for backyarding in high style

Backyarding is the new trend that's emerged during the pandemic. Our backyards are where we eat, work, play, relax and socialize, and the green spaces around our homes have proven t... — Updated 4/14/2021


Clever storage ideas for small spaces

(Family Features) No matter how cramped and cluttered your living space may be, you can almost always find a spot or two for extra storage. It's often just a matter of getting... — Updated 4/14/2021


7 simple ways to add color, excitement to your yard

(Family Features) With all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer, a few pops of color or other simple embellishments can help make your yard look superb from the curb. Whether... — Updated 4/14/2021


A seasonal spring surprise

( You can almost feel spring in the air, and with the warmer weather comes delicious, delectable foods. From casseroles to fresh fruits and wholesome vegetables, a... — Updated 4/14/2021


Give spring salads a fresh spin

(Family Features) With spring and warmer weather comes salad season, offering a perfect canvas for creating refreshing meals and appetizers centered around tasty greens, juicy... — Updated 4/14/2021


An egg-cellent twist on deviled eggs using Colorado eggs

It's April and we are thinking of eggs! With Easter just behind us and warmer months perfect for picnicking just ahead, what better time? Eggs are packed with nutrition, and at 17... — Updated 4/14/2021


Food scraps grow in saucer garden

When you think about gardening and preschoolers, a spindly bean sprout emerging from a half-pint cardboard milk carton might come to mind. Every child deserves to be initiated into... — Updated 4/14/2021


Spring onions flavor the season

There's nothing like the intense flavor (or the smell) of an onion. Wild onions were among the first foods that mankind gathered and ate and are one of the first signs of spring. On... — Updated 4/6/2021


Add roasted vegetables to spring meal planning

As a kid growing up in California, most of the vegetables I ate, with the exception of steamed artichokes and corn on the cob in the summer, came from a can. Mom was a good cook, bu... — Updated 4/6/2021


Have a love affair with lamb

I seldom prepared or served lamb until I tasted Australian lamb. The tenderness and variety of cuts of Australian lamb opens up the opportunity to serve lamb all year long, not... — Updated 3/30/2021


Edible bird nests imitate nature

Make simple no-bake bird's nest treats with your kids to celebrate spring. Drop peanut M&Ms or natural-looking candy eggs in each one. Or for Easter, substitute jelly beans,... — Updated 3/30/2021


Smoked Ham With Fresh Strawberry Sauce

We created this impressive glazed ham for winter entertaining, but it has become an Easter favorite as well. 1 (12-pound) smoked whole ham, fully cooked 3 pints strawberries 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar 2 tablespoons cornstarch... — Updated 3/30/2021


Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

I live in Texas, in an area that has been hit recently with a massive power-grid failure, freezing temperatures, icy roads, frozen pipes, water pressure woes and "boil water" notice... — Updated 3/24/2021


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