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 By Alice Trulson    Opinion 

Happy little trees, but no coffee

I actually failed an art class in junior high school, and if you know me, that should be a shocker. I love me some crafting and creative outlets. The idea of someone telling me to... — Updated 11/25/2020

 By Jerry Sonnenberg    Opinion 

Thanksgiving government overreach

My Sunday morning was a picture-perfect day on the Colorado Plains: warm sun, hot coffee, and my beautiful wife, Vonnie. Imagine my concern when the shocking tones of an emergency... — Updated 11/25/2020

 By Longinos Gonzalez    Opinion 

Resources to help with shutdown

Good morning. I want to wish everyone a lovely Thanksgiving, even if it looks a bit different this year for many of us. The COVID situation in Colorado has changed how many of us... — Updated 11/25/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion 

Special session called by Polis

Finally! When the Senate Republicans called for a special session on July 28 to address COVID-19's impact on schools, the students and their parents, it was called a "political stun... — Updated 11/25/2020


If it transmits, it's a smart meter

If a water meter transmits its data to the utility company offices, it is a smart meter. Smart meters emit electromagnetic radio frequency, low grade radiation, which is harmful to... — Updated 11/25/2020


Thankful for better park access

As the parent of a son with a severe brain injury, I fully understand the challenges faced by those with disabilities. While the Americans with Disabilities Act went a long way to r... — Updated 11/25/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

It's your funeral ... uh, wedding

Here we are in the middle of November, and who would have thought that way back in May or even in March we would be where we are today. COVID the Creep is still breathing down our... — Updated 11/17/2020

 By Karin Hill    Opinion

This is coming from someone who doesn't even like sports

"Get used to disappointment." I'm glad I was familiar with this phrase before 2020. It has served me well this year, and I've used it on my kids many times recently. School's back... — Updated 11/17/2020


One of 300 defending 300 million

Every morning I sit in my office preparing for another day of meetings, briefings, endless taskers, and a multitude of emails that never stop arriving. Just over a month ago, my off... — Updated 11/17/2020

 By Michael Fields    Opinion

Colorado Republicans need a "Contract with Colorado"

Action Executive Director By the time 1994 rolled around, Republicans had been out of power in the U.S. House of Representative for 40 years. And in politics, 40 years is an... — Updated 11/17/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

And now for the next big thing...

Ok, here we are. Elections are over – well sort of. We have cast all our ballots and winners have been announced... recounts will be proposed, but all in all, it is over. Now we... — Updated 11/10/2020


Honoring veterans, thanking the community

Happy Veterans Day. I hope all are well and having a good week. First of all, I want to wish everyone in the military family a wonderful Veterans Day. Thanks for your service and... — Updated 11/10/2020


City proposal infringes on rights

The city staff is proposing an amendment to the city zoning ordinance which would effectively ban homeowners from parking cars, trucks, trailers, boats or RVs on their property... — Updated 11/10/2020

 By Lois Landgraf    Opinion

Genocide in America

Every year at the Capitol we recognize Holocaust Awareness Week. This bi-partisan resolution reminds us that "bigotry, bias, and racism have been the cause of conflict, war and... — Updated 11/10/2020


Volunteers needed, runners invited

Good morning. I hope all are doing well this week and that you were able to vote. As this article is submitted on Monday, prior to the election, today I just want to thank all... — Updated 11/4/2020


Of goats and men

Editor's Note: In the interest of maintaining privacy, people's name, street names and other identifying landmarks (including house colors), have been changed in this story. One of... — Updated 11/4/2020

 By Mark Hillman    Opinion

Social media is tearing us apart

We live in a truly strange and unsettling time in America.  Never before have I seen ordinary, hard-working Americans so on edge, so angry, so spoiling for a fight - about... — Updated 11/4/2020


Public input should be in person

Editor's note: The following letter was submitted before the Fountain City Council met last Tuesday to consider an electric rate increase. The council did vote unanimously to... — Updated 11/4/2020


Security health screening update

Here is the update from our ATSDR/CDC (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry/Centers for Disease Control) environmental study done a few months ago. How many households... — Updated 10/28/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Not a very cheerful time of year

Wow, what a week, huh? We have had frigid temperatures and (depending on where you live) varied amounts of the white stuff. As is Colorado's tradition, it is freezing cold for... — Updated 10/28/2020

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion


One of the top 10 principles of extraordinary relationships is honesty. It seems so basic, but without it your relationship is doomed for failure. We all know at some point the trut... — Updated 10/28/2020

 By Glenn Mollette    Opinion

Biden or Trump: follow your heart AND your mind

Typically, the heart leads us and keeps us in various places throughout life. Most of the time people marry because at that moment that's where their hearts have led them to be.... — Updated 10/28/2020


It's budget time, and last few days to vote

I hope all are doing well this week and handled the snowstorm well. It was cold, but it brought with it much-needed moisture and help in combating the fires in Colorado. This week... — Updated 10/27/2020


The man in the red truck

On Oct. 25, I received an urgent call from my granddaughter who was stranded at the MM Equestrian Center in Fountain. She said that Uber was not available to pick her up, and could... — Updated 10/27/2020


Outgoing Landgraf endorses Bradfield

Nov. 3 is election day. I've served this district for eight years. I am term limited. This year you will be voting on a new state representative. I strongly endorse Mary Bradfield... — Updated 10/21/2020


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