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Updates on vaccine distribution

Good day, I hope you are well. This week I'd like to provide additional information from our Public Health Department regarding COVID vaccines, and upcoming activities available at... — Updated 2/23/2021

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion 

Back at the Capital - Finally

The Legislature is back in session after a month break, made possible by legislative rules pertaining to a "declared health emergency" and a judge's ruling. Given the good news of... — Updated 2/23/2021

 By Trent Ghoram    Opinion 

Fountain grad works to overcome the stigmas of being a black prosecutor

When you ask most prosecutors why they chose this profession, the most common answer is the pursuit of justice. That reigns true for me as well, but being a black prosecutor means m... — Updated 2/23/2021

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion 

The sky is falling! At least in Denver...

I have never been a fan of flying. As a daughter of a pilot and the mother of a plane captain, this is not a popular statement. I much prefer trains or the old-fashioned road trip.... — Updated 2/23/2021

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion

Shared Faith

People in extraordinary relationships know core principles are used to create long-lasting, healthy relationships. Previously I've written about honesty, loyalty, and commitment.... — Updated 2/16/2021


More grants available; county has open jobs

Good morning. I hope all are well and were able to stay warm during this extremely cold past week. This week, I want to provide information on a new round of grants available to... — Updated 2/16/2021

 By Liz Rosenbaum    Opinion

Local water study hiring for several jobs

Our ATSDR / CDC health study is gearing up, and several jobs are available. As noted at the first Community Advisory Panel (CAP) meeting, the Study Team will be hiring a couple of... — Updated 2/16/2021

 By Joe Barela    Opinion

What unemployment insurance fraud may mean for Coloradans

Colorado, along with the rest of the nation, has recently been subjected to a wave of fraudulent Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims. The criminals filing these claims range from... — Updated 2/16/2021


E Tu Brute, Mike Pence? 

In Shakespeare's play about the plight of Julius Caesar, we read an account of how Julius Caesar was murdered by his own senators.  Julius wasn't killed because of what he did but... — Updated 2/16/2021

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion

Stop Comparing

Marriages have similar core principles and standards; however, it's not good to compare your apples with other people's apples. We aren't all in the same place nor do we have the... — Updated 2/9/2021

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

I want my old TV back

Did you watch the big bowl game on Sunday? I did too. I watched the commercials and some guy running around in a lady's swimsuit who got tackled pretty hard. That was funny. The... — Updated 2/9/2021


SBA empowers Black entrepreneurs across Colorado

By Frances Padilla, SBA's Colorado District Director As we celebrate the 45th anniversary of Black History Month, it is fitting to acknowledge that small business owners are some... — Updated 2/9/2021

 By Karin Hill    Opinion

Who's counting the vaccines?

Last week officials in El Paso County determined that the county is not getting its fair share of COVID-19 vaccines from the state. Whether you're pro or anti vaccine, the... — Updated 2/9/2021


Help with watershed, parks

I hope all are having a nice day. I want to wish everyone a wonderful President's Day this Monday, and provide an update on a request for feedback for our newest Open Space Master... — Updated 2/9/2021


Be careful what you say

By Dawn Harnick I have thought a lot about what I am about to say, and I apologize in advance if my words get away from me. Over this past several weeks I have personally seen,... — Updated 2/9/2021

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion

Be Positive

The core of any extraordinary relationship has basic principles of honesty, kindness, forgiveness, encouragement and more. Every relationship includes negative and positive parts.... — Updated 2/2/2021


'Evil' drums and guitars

Church is an interesting topic for me, because I didn't have a "normal" church background. My family moved to Germany when I was three years old to do missionary work with the... — Updated 2/2/2021


Can you survive financially?

Dr. Glenn Mollette Americans are no strangers to hard economic times. Poverty still exists. Millions struggle with financial despair. The answers are not always easy but there are p... — Updated 2/2/2021


Biden '21 should look to Biden '80 for inspiration

By Kevin Walters President Joe Biden has promised to govern as a president for all Americans, not just those who voted for him. Some pundits dismiss Biden's bipartisanship as naïve... — Updated 2/2/2021


Twitter decision to block Focus on the Family's 'The Daily Citizen' an affront to free speech

The Truth & Liberty Coalition is appalled by the decision by Twitter to censor Focus on the Family's The Daily Citizen due to an alleged rules violation.... — Updated 2/2/2021


More people eligible for COVID vaccines next week

Good day. I hope all are well and having a nice start to the week. I'd like to provide an update on an opportunity to provide feedback on the County Road Safety Plan, as well as on... — Updated 2/2/2021

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

It's time for tea, dammit!

Well, here we are in February already. Can you believe that? I always find hope in this month. January is just the hangover from Christmas and kind of depressing, right? You have... — Updated 2/2/2021

 By Liz Rosenbaum    Opinion

$4 billion settlement on 'forever chemicals'

On Jan. 22, DuPont, Chemours and Corteva announced a cost sharing settlement of $4 billion for lawsuits involving the PFAS "forever chemicals." As a refresher, PFAS chemicals have... — Updated 1/26/2021


Vaccine updates, parks event

Good day. I hope all are well and stayed warm and safe during the recent snow and icy roads. This week I want to provide an update and links to our county COVID-19 vaccine pages,... — Updated 1/26/2021

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Department hearings and the vaccine

Even with the legislators back in their districts, we're managing to get some items checked off the legislative agenda. Every session each department is required to report to the... — Updated 1/26/2021


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