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 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    July 31, 2019

Extraordinary requires faith. Faith in God. Faith in each other. Faith in your relationship.

A simple thing you can do to change from ordinary to extraordinary is to have the same spiritual belief. Before marriage it is important to know each other's beliefs and what they plan to practice in...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    July 24, 2019

Ordinary to Extraordinary Series

I've got a secret to share. I know how to change your relationship from the ordinary, regular ol' expected connection to extraordinary. Willingness to Change It isn't grand gestures, although, those...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    July 17, 2019

Ordinary to Extraordinary Series Online vs Real Life

Three things you routinely do on your social media and iPhone you can do in real life to move from Ordinary to Extraordinary in your relationships. Facetime. Like. Share. Facetime My husband and I...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    July 10, 2019

Unmet Expectations

Unmet expectations are most often the root of all anger. I heard Dr. Phil give that as a definition of anger years ago and it stuck with me. Unstated, Unmet Expectations I would go one step further...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    July 3, 2019

Extraordinary is in the Details

Extraordinary is in the details not the grand gestures. I love a romantic movie where the hero slays a dragon to save his beautiful princess and they fall madly in love. Que the sunset scene. But . ....

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    June 26, 2019

Creating Excellence

"How can I change my relationship from ordinary to extraordinary?" The young woman asking the question was sincere, but I wondered would she appreciate the answer and be willing to implement changes...


Do What is Best for You

I feel I must apologize for my writing absence. I've been dealing with migraines for over 15 years. The last few months doctors have been switching my medications around and it has not been fun....


Mommy Wars

Did you know Moms are at War? I'm unsure when the Mommy War was declared or who decided we should have one. In fact, I was so clueless I didn't even know we went to war until recently when I was...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    July 18, 2018

Wet Leaves

Wet Leaves The woman in her early thirties walked up to me after a luncheon and proudly declared, "I didn't speak to my husband for three days this week." I was stunned. Being a woman, especially a...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    July 4, 2018

No Medal for Mad

Did you know that there is no medal for being mad the longest? That's right. I've searched. I have not found one. It is not an Olympic event nor a Little League sport. Who knew. We all act like it...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    June 20, 2018

All in a Day

We've been preparing for our Velcro-daughter, her army husband and their precious little boys move to Sierra Vista, AZ. Two days ago was moving day. Oh wait. You might not know what a...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    May 9, 2018

Reconciliation Takes Two

Forgiveness takes one. Reconciliation takes two. Recently, I unintentionally hurt someone. They brought it to my attention and I immediately apologized. All of this happened via email. What an awful...


Be Purposeful

I am a people watcher. I amuse myself all day, imagining and writing people’s life stories as they walk past me. I can read lips too. Being deaf from the age of four, I learned creative ways to... Full story


Linger a Little Longer

It is late, and the house is dark and quiet except for the soft music drifting from the other room. Today was a busy day. It started sweet with moments that can easily go by unnoticed, time with my... Full story


Super (Mom) Woman

Have you noticed, some people accomplish a lot in their lives? Do you think, God slips them extra hours while the rest of us are sleeping? Maybe he sends a cleaning crew over to knock out the house wo...


Linger With the Lord

It's late. I like to write in the evening. Sometimes I linger over my journal and wait to hear what God is trying to tell me. On this night, our house is quiet, I sit back and listen to the soft...


Advice From an Older Sister

llama. Giro. Dongle. Gypsum. Strange sounding words make me giggle. Words make us laugh but some make us cry. How often do we say one thing and someone reacts completely opposite to what we expect?...


Car Thoughts

The other day, my husband and I were driving home. We saw our neighbor's teenage daughter, enjoying her mom's Cadillac, as she drove past us. He mentioned that she liked to drive it more than her own... Full story



I have fond memories of sunny summer days. Sometime we would lay under a shady tree and watch the sunlight dance off the leaves. We listened to music. We would swim at the pool or the beach with our...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    October 4, 2017

Rain, Rain Go Away

“Rain, Rain go away” and don’t come back. I imagine that’s what people in the path of Harvey and Irma might be saying. The people in the fire states would love to say, “Rain, Rain come...


Favorites Things

How do you know something is your favorite thing? What dictates it? Is it Fad? Fashion? Media? The cool kids? Famous people? Availability? Peers? Will it endure through the years? Who or what influenc...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    August 9, 2017

The Days of Summer

It's happening. Summer vacation is getting shorter and shorter. I remember when summer vacation started Memorial Day* weekend and went through Labor Day. Yes, I am showing my age. I think it is time... Full story

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    June 14, 2017

Too Tired to Care

Recently, I was boarding an airplane and saw printed on a woman's shirt, "Too tired to care". At first it made me chuckle. Later I reflected and wondered what was she too tired to care about. Hmm? It... Full story

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    May 3, 2017

Welcome Spring!

I like Spring and the surge of new life. About three years ago I planted a lot of iris bulbs hoping that the two previous years being stored in paper bags hadn’t ruined any attempt at new life for...

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion    April 12, 2017

Advice From an Older Sister

While watching TV, I heard a person ask, "What three things would you take to an island?" My mind wandered and wondered. I'm not normally easily sidetracked but on this day, I was very distracted by...


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