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 By Karin Hill    Opinion

When a trip to the playground is no walk in the park

Last November, the city of Fountain unveiled a major facelift to Fountain Mesa Park that included two brand new playground areas with plenty of equipment for kids of all ages and... — Updated 9/8/2021

 By Karin Hill    Opinion

Who's counting the vaccines?

Last week officials in El Paso County determined that the county is not getting its fair share of COVID-19 vaccines from the state. Whether you're pro or anti vaccine, the... — Updated 2/9/2021

 By Karin Hill    Opinion

A word about advertising

Did you know that we really don't make much, if any, profit off of subscription payments? Although $2 a month may be a burden for some on an extremely limited and fixed income,... — Updated 1/19/2021

 By Karin Hill    Opinion

Hindsight is 2020 - or is it?

It's pretty common for newspapers to publish a year-in-review issue at the end of December highlighting the biggest news stories from the previous 12 months. The thought crossed my... — Updated 12/29/2020

 By Karin Hill    Opinion

The wonderful chaos of Christmas

This time of year is busy for many people, and I'm no exception. My family has several birthdays and other special occasions throughout November and December, and Christmas just... — Updated 12/23/2020 Full story

 By Karin Hill    Opinion

This is coming from someone who doesn't even like sports

"Get used to disappointment." I'm glad I was familiar with this phrase before 2020. It has served me well this year, and I've used it on my kids many times recently. School's back... — Updated 11/17/2020

 By Karin Hill    Opinion

Why newspapers matter

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked a question about something the newspaper had covered or answered already, I'd be a wealthy woman. Case in point: I've seen many posts... — Updated 10/7/2020 Full story


A fond farewell...

If I had to choose one word to summarize the past 39 years, well, those who know me by now may be chuckling as you know I cannot pick just one word, ever.... Words have been my... — Updated 10/16/2019


Kudos to Mayor Ortega for being a "Good Neighbor" to Singer Ranch

While some may not agree (as evidenced by the fact the mayor was alone in voting against denying the Singer Ranch from de-annexing from the City of Fountain) I, for one, support... — Updated 9/18/2019


Santa's Helper has been Fountain's helper, too

A fond farewell will soon be due to a dear friend and someone who has been a friend to our community for nearly 40 years (or longer if you count her early years attending Widefield... — Updated 9/3/2019


Three Cheers for Connie!!!

We are so very pleased the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce selected our dear friend Connie Sanford as this year's Fall Festival Grand Marshal. We have had the pleasure of... — Updated 8/28/2019


Dog Dude!

Uggggg, one of the worst things an editor can do is spell someone's name wrong, or refer to them incorrectly. We strive so hard to be correct and have our information right in the... — Updated 6/19/2019


Bless You Dog Guy!

The last two weeks has been one of the hardest times of my life, since losing my precious doggie Micah. I wrote about losing him in part of an editorial and received such an... — Updated 6/12/2019


Way to Go Ladies!!!

This week, it is my pleasure to salute some very special lady grads from the class of 2019!! I have watched the first two (Rayshel and Jaya) grow and blossom into beautiful young... — Updated 6/5/2019


Road Trips, Graduation and Doggies

The convenience of air travel makes it so much easier to get to long-distance destinations and can be great when time is short, but I think a lot can be said for going on a road... — Updated 5/29/2019


We Remember...

It's hard to believe May is almost over already. Graduations have or will take place and soon it will be summertime and families will be planning their vacations and more. As we go... — Updated 5/22/2019


Clarification: Some Councilmembers Did Wish to Explore Tiny Homes Zoning

In a recent editorial, I expressed my disappointment that Planning Commissioner Gordon Rick was denied a request for 15 minutes at a future council meeting when the City Council... — Updated 1/30/2019


It's Good to be "Home"

Imagine finding out you have about two days to clear out most all you have accumulated over the course of 60 years. That's where we at the News office found ourselves last fall,... — Updated 1/23/2019


Not Too Neighborly Of Fountain City Council To Go Against Concerns Of D3 Regarding Zoning Change Request

Despite being notified Widefield School District 3 officials were strongly opposed to a proposal to change the zoning of property directly across the street to the west of Mesa Ridg... — Updated 1/16/2019


Planning Commissioner Should Have His 15 Minutes

First I want to wish one and all a happy and blessed New Year! The past month flew by in a blurr; we had to do so much work ahead of each holiday to meet deadlines (adopting the... — Updated 1/9/2019


Congratulations Roy!

We are so pleased to be able to share the news this week that Security Water and Sanitation Districts Manager Roy Heald was honored by his peers with the Small Districts... — Updated 1/2/2019


"Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"

As I have done so for many years now, this week I am pleased to share one of my favorite Christmas tales with you below. It's the response a newspaper editor wrote to a young girl... — Updated 12/19/2018


Share Your Favorite Holiday Memories!

You might have seen a related announcement on this week's front page inviting our readers to share your favorite holiday memories, for consideration to be published in an upcoming... — Updated 12/12/2018


Let Your Holiday Hearts Shine!

Not complaining (although a few slow news weeks sure wouldn't hurt our feelings), but as our community has grown over the last six decades, so has the population; the number of... — Updated 11/28/2018


We are So Thankful for All of You

As another Thanksgiving quickly nears, I wanted to take a moment to express our thanks for all of you... everyone who supports making this newspaper possible by choosing your... — Updated 11/21/2018


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