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 By Mark Hillman    Opinion 

Senate should confirm Barrett

CAPITOL REVIEW In any other context, it would be fairly unusual to have such an intense political debate about the appointment of an obviously-qualified candidate for the Supreme... — Updated 10/21/2020

 By Chuck Broerman    Opinion

Elections in El Paso County

Colorado's election system is the envy of the nation and is touted as the Gold Standard. Since being established in 2013, we have conducted 12 elections, using this model of voting... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Lucas Hale    Opinion

An update from Widefield Water and Sanitation District

I am Lucas Hale, district manager for Widefield Water and Sanitation District (WWSD). My family and I live in Widefield along with our two Great Pyrenees dogs, Nimi and Hunter. We... — Updated 10/13/2020

 By Dennis Lennox    Opinion

The truth about Prop. 113

Coloradans deserve an open and honest discussion on Proposition 113, aka the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Unfortunately, they are not getting it. Opponents continue to... — Updated 10/7/2020


Security/Widefield assessment underway

Our ATSDR study is successfully underway! I stopped by the Security Fire Station #1 for a visit, and our scientists were all safely working under a giant white tent to check people... — Updated 9/30/2020


The Bengals and The Browns stood together: a lesson for America?

I haven't watched much professional sports over the last few months. Last Thursday I did tune into the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns football game.  My attention grew... — Updated 9/30/2020

 By Mark Hillman    Opinion

Prop 113's election scheme: bad for Colorado, worse for rural voters

CAPITOL REVIEW By Mark Hillman Proposition 113 on this year's ballot is a rare example of Colorado citizens rising up to say "STOP!" when the State Legislature allows partisan... — Updated 9/30/2020

 By Mark Hillman    Opinion

CAPITOL REVIEW: What it means to be American

One explanation for the contempt and polarization in our country is that many of us never learned what it means to be "American." Unlike citizens of most countries, "Americans" do... — Updated 9/16/2020


Necessity: the mother of invention

We all know the proverb "necessity is the mother of invention," and it has been defined as: "When the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting... — Updated 9/9/2020


Voting should not be one of America's problems

Some of America’s problems can be fixed. Voting in the November election should not be a problem for Americans. Open the polls for at least two days. Every state should open their polls from 6 a.m.- 8 p.m.. Some states already... — Updated 9/2/2020

 By Mark Hillman    Opinion

Polis, Hancock fiddle while Denver descends into chaos

Once known as The Queen City of the Plains or the Gateway to the Rockies, Denver is rapidly descending into a cesspool of violence and filth. 15 years ago, if I met a friend for... — Updated 8/5/2020


Update from last week's Water Quality meeting

As many of you read the Coalition's column from last week, the outcome is that we have blazed the trails with game-changing policies, getting our local community better control of... — Updated 7/22/2020


Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition:

UPDATE: After this publication went to print, the coalition received news that the Water Quality Control Commission denied the motion to vacate. "Not a single commissioner... — Updated 7/15/2020


Life is a puzzle

 — Updated 7/8/2020


July 4th - America's Hope

Americans hope they will never be bullied by a police officer. A man or woman with a badge and a gun can be an intimidating figure. If a cop pulls you over and bullies you, what... — Updated 7/1/2020

 By Clint Decker    Opinion

Learning from other voices on race 

Clay Center, Kansas – Many generations ago the Jewish King Hezekiah was in the midst of a successful reign when he was threatened with invasion by King Sennacherib of Assyria.  Sennacherib used lies, deceit and fearful... — Updated 6/24/2020


A message from your friendly neighborhood circulation manager

Like everyone on the Fountain Valley News’ staff, I have an interesting mix of responsibilities. As a staff writer, I cover various local events and take pictures. As the designated sports editor, I try to keep on top of... — Updated 6/17/2020


George Floyd, protest violence: how to solve this

The death of George Floyd at the hands of police should never have happened. It was murder and a dark moment in America. The looting, terrorism and burning of American cities by... — Updated 6/10/2020


Hate never solves anything

Some of the nicest people I’ve known have been police officers, from county to state to city cops. I have some dear friends who wear badges, and they are good people. The police officers who killed George Floyd on May 25 in... — Updated 6/3/2020

 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion

Be Hopeful

Don't you love that feeling of anticipation, of hope before Christmas morning? You expect or trust something will be amazing in the box covered with bright colored wrapping paper.... — Updated 5/27/2020


Delivering news and strange fashion

It perhaps goes without saying that COVID-19 has created many awkward or simply unusual situations for people. Since I not only write for the Fountain Valley News but also deliver... — Updated 5/27/2020


Making the best of Mother's Day

By Dr. Glenn Mollette I wish mom were still here so I could take her out to Sunday dinner. The problem with Sunday dinner this Mother's Day is that most of the restaurants either... — Updated 5/6/2020


Walking in the wilderness

Most of America has been addled from our normal lifestyle. Today, we aren't for sure what normal is anymore. Covid-19 has been and is like a walk in a wilderness where we have... — Updated 4/29/2020


Healthcare - this feeling has to change

Americans need options for healthcare and every American needs healthcare. Too many Americans are walking around hoping they don't have to go the hospital. A friend recently said... — Updated 3/18/2020


Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition Update: USAFA contamination data released

Those of you who attend our monthly meetings know of the work I have continued to do for not only our community but also communities across the county and our state contaminated... — Updated 3/18/2020


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