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 By DeeDee Lake    Opinion 

Be Hopeful

Don't you love that feeling of anticipation, of hope before Christmas morning? You expect or trust something will be amazing in the box covered with bright colored wrapping paper.... — Updated 5/27/2020

 By G. Connor Salter    Opinion 

Delivering news and strange fashion

It perhaps goes without saying that COVID-19 has created many awkward or simply unusual situations for people. Since I not only write for the Fountain Valley News but also deliver... — Updated 5/27/2020


Making the best of Mother's Day

By Dr. Glenn Mollette I wish mom were still here so I could take her out to Sunday dinner. The problem with Sunday dinner this Mother's Day is that most of the restaurants either... — Updated 5/6/2020


Walking in the wilderness

Most of America has been addled from our normal lifestyle. Today, we aren't for sure what normal is anymore. Covid-19 has been and is like a walk in a wilderness where we have... — Updated 4/29/2020


Healthcare - this feeling has to change

Americans need options for healthcare and every American needs healthcare. Too many Americans are walking around hoping they don't have to go the hospital. A friend recently said... — Updated 3/18/2020


Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition Update: USAFA contamination data released

Those of you who attend our monthly meetings know of the work I have continued to do for not only our community but also communities across the county and our state contaminated... — Updated 3/18/2020

 By Karin Hill    Opinion

For Gannon

There almost wasn't a newspaper last week. It was a serious struggle to string words together and figure out how to make things look somewhat decent. Honestly, nothing seemed... — Updated 3/11/2020


Voter suppression in El Paso County?

My 2019 Ph.D. dissertation – How Can Truth-Claims of Voter Fraud Influence Public Policy? A Political Discourse Analysis – investigated how former Kansas Secretary of State and... — Updated 2/26/2020

 By Mark Hillman    Opinion

MLK's words illustrate his faith, patriotism and desire for unity

Because he was taken from us just before my first birthday, what I know about Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. comes from his speeches and writing. His words provide a stark contrast to... — Updated 1/22/2020


Don't be fooled by terrorists 

Iran seemed to intentionally avoid killing Americans in their recent airstrike against our American military base in Iraq. Reports indicate it was more about “saving face” with... — Updated 1/15/2020


Don't force districts to raise their taxes

By Michael Fields, Colorado Rising State Action Executive Director "Raise your taxes or we'll cut your state funding." That's the message politicians would be sending school... — Updated 1/8/2020

 By Mark Hillman    Opinion

'Any functioning adult' in 2020?

It seems today that the only thing that unites Republicans is their disdain for Democrats and the only thing that unites Democrats is their hatred of Republicans. Meanwhile, both... — Updated 12/31/2019


Hold tight to Christmas memories

Make a mental decision that Christmas is going to be great. Our world exists in the space between our ears known as our brains. We can dread or hate something or just decide it’s... — Updated 12/24/2019


Proposed Senate Drug Plan Brings Death and Taxes

By Stacy Washington The Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act would stall future drug development and deprive Americans of lifesaving cures -- all without reducing patients'... — Updated 12/11/2019


Your Best Christmas Gift?

I hope all are doing great and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family this past week.  I ate far too much cheesecake but will strive to work off those extra... — Updated 12/4/2019


Choosing A Holiday Strategy

The holidays can be glad, sad or bad. Take your pick and choose a direction.  I choose glad. Who wants to be sad and who needs bad? I don't want either one and neither do you.... — Updated 11/27/2019

 By Mark Hillman    Opinion

Christians and Donald Trump

CAPITOL REVIEW It's a question thrown about frequently in social media debates: "How can anyone who claims to be a Christian vote for Donald Trump?" The questioner usually recites... — Updated 11/6/2019


Marijuana as a Funding Source?

In minor social media sources, I've read rumblings of individuals advocating the use of marijuana tax revenue as a funding source for the City of Fountain. my... — Updated 10/30/2019


Nothing is Impossible 

A lot of us are faced with the impossible. We may have what seems to be impossible debts, physical illnesses, human relationships and vocational pressures.   Too often we hear som... — Updated 10/23/2019

 By Mark Hillman    Opinion


Colorado voters will soon be asked to approve Proposition CC, an innocent-sounding ballot measure asking us to "just trust" state government to spend our tax dollars without... — Updated 10/23/2019


Budget input welcomed

Good morning, I hope all are well. This week I want to highlight our budget process through the end of the year and invite the community to provide your input. Also, we announced ou... — Updated 10/9/2019


Is There Any Rest For America?

By Glenn Mollette Most Americans are tired. Ask most any American and you will hear an array of reasons why we are tired. The answers range from long work hours to too many... — Updated 8/28/2019


Celebrate Your Community on Independence Day!

By Quint Studer, author of Building a Vibrant Community: How Citizen-Powered Change Is Reshaping America As I go about my work of helping communities revitalize and reinvent themse... — Updated 7/3/2019


July 4th and the American Spirit

The Fourth of July is here and all Americans hopefully will embrace the day without fear, total liberation and the American spirit.    Nik and Lijana Wallenda on Sunday night,... — Updated 7/3/2019


Teaching 'Intersectionality' Poisons America's Future

For the first time in history, legislators are writing the progressive doctrine of "intersectionality" into Colorado law.  They want our schools to teach that the groups we belong... — Updated 5/15/2019


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