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 By Alice Trulson    Opinion 

Happy little trees, but no coffee

I actually failed an art class in junior high school, and if you know me, that should be a shocker. I love me some crafting and creative outlets. The idea of someone telling me to... — Updated 11/25/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

It's your funeral ... uh, wedding

Here we are in the middle of November, and who would have thought that way back in May or even in March we would be where we are today. COVID the Creep is still breathing down our... — Updated 11/17/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

And now for the next big thing...

Ok, here we are. Elections are over – well sort of. We have cast all our ballots and winners have been announced... recounts will be proposed, but all in all, it is over. Now we... — Updated 11/10/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Not a very cheerful time of year

Wow, what a week, huh? We have had frigid temperatures and (depending on where you live) varied amounts of the white stuff. As is Colorado's tradition, it is freezing cold for... — Updated 10/28/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

To all the moms out there...

I have always tried to sing praises to the different mother figures we may have had in our lives during Mother's Day Season. But right now I feel that most mom-like folks are... — Updated 10/21/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

The insect steals the show

Well, "The Fly" won the vice-presidential debate. Good job, little dude! We are now fascinated by this fly that stood boldly where no man had gone before. He found a visible podium... — Updated 10/13/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Be a decent human being

I guess it can happen to anyone, right? The president of the United States of America and the First Lady have tested positive for the coronavirus. My social media, like everyone... — Updated 10/7/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Coronavirus escapes

Well, hello everyone! I have been away from my writing for a bit. My heart and mind have been hurting and struggling to find joy. I know I am not alone in this sort of thing. We... — Updated 9/30/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Play nice when talking politics

We are getting very close to voting day – you can feel it, see it and hear it all over the place. We will be voting for the biggest and most important office in our country. It... — Updated 9/2/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Dreaming of a brighter tomorrow

Hi there, everyone. I have been busy poking and cattle prodding my family and somehow missed writing a column for a bit. I last told you to stay tuned to our endeavors of acquiring... — Updated 8/26/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

When opportunity knocks

Opportunity knocks, sometimes it taps lightly, and still… other times it knocks you down with a thud! How you respond to it is also a measure of how big of an opportunity it reall... — Updated 8/5/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Letting go is hard to do

When we have our babies, we spend all our precious time with them, teaching them to not need us. Roll over on their own. Sit up on their own. Walk on their own. Go to school on... — Updated 7/29/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Life on the plains

Life on the plains has proven itself tougher than me, yet again. Every time I think I have this life out here figured out... In terms of knowing how to handle the dry wind that just... — Updated 7/22/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Unexpected house guests

I swear there is just not enough time in a single day of 24 hours. I think one day I may actually lose my mind. I cannot get caught up on anything I intend to do. Roadblocks keep... — Updated 7/1/2020


It's quiet... a little too quiet

Ah... I am utterly alone in the house for the first time in many months. Now what do I do? I have laundry that needs to be washed and folded, but I just cannot envision myself doing... — Updated 6/24/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Alice versus the Miller moths

A few years ago, when we first moved out here to the plains, there was an invasion. The weather, the moisture levels, and the planets aligned just right or something like that and w... — Updated 6/17/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Give a little grace right now

How many hands do you have? I have only two, but I need so many right now. I know I am not alone in this. In one hand, I want the world to go back to normal so we can travel and... — Updated 6/10/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Danger noodles and the ER

Yup! I'm back. I have missed writing these past couple weeks. My husband had his surgery, and we did the whole wait in the car and find things to do whilst he was in surgery... — Updated 6/3/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Mother's Day and the Old Man

I hope you had a wonderful and beautiful time celebrating those you hold in your heart as a mother image. I say that because sometimes mothers are not just the ones that birthed... — Updated 5/13/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

The virus finally hits home

Well, we are allowed to move about a tiny bit, but it feels good, right? Actually, I am not going to do anything different at all. My daily routine will remain the same, as nothing... — Updated 4/29/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Lose a mind, adopt a senior

Oh My Word!! Oh My Word!! Ooooooooh Miiiiieeeeey Woooorrrrrdah!! I do believe my mind is lost. I missed writing this column last week because I truly forgot what day it was. Old... — Updated 4/22/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

COVID-19 ... How I loathe you!

I was prepared to deal with Easter being our target day to come skulking out of our hiding spots. I mean, I know we are nowhere near comparable, but imagine Jesus rolling the stone... — Updated 4/1/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

Sharing is caring, even with TP

Here we are in the middle of a pandemic crisis named after a beer... I would imagine that beer lovers are not too pleased with the name. I know if it were named after coffee, I... — Updated 3/25/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

The hits just keep on coming...

My apologies for all of my sad stuff as of late. Seems like things get rough in phases, don't they ... I had a birthday this week, and let me tell you: At my age, I am just happy... — Updated 3/11/2020

 By Alice Trulson    Opinion

When PTSD rears its ugly head

I would like to talk to you about PTSD, the robber of mothers. I am no expert, nor do I know the military since neither I nor my husband ever served. We support and uphold our... — Updated 3/4/2020


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