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 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion 

Back in session, finally

I have high hopes for Part II of the Second Regular Session of the 72nd General Assembly. Word on the street is we're going to wrap everything up in three weeks as opposed to the... — Updated 5/27/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Business, the key to the budget

It's official: We're looking to cut $3.3 million out of the budget. Pretty safe to say the pain will be spread throughout the budget. The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) is still at... — Updated 5/20/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Straight from the Senate: New start date and cash funds

Looks like leadership has decided May 18 isn't really the best day for the legislature to come back into session. We are now targeting May 26. Haven't heard their reasoning and prob... — Updated 5/13/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Working toward that elusive balanced budget

The Legislative and Governor's budget gurus (we do have separate budget staff – it's that whole check and balance thing) have been crunching numbers for weeks. Actually, months,... — Updated 5/6/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Relief for businesses, workers, local government

By the time you read last week's column, the Governor had already announced he agreed with me that it was time to open up more businesses. He phrased it a little differently and in... — Updated 4/29/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

A positive outlook for the future, despite obstacles

 The news on the coronavirus front in Colorado and much of the rest of the country is more encouraging than it has been for weeks or possibly months. Let's just take that happy fac... — Updated 4/22/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Session's future uncertain

Not sure when we will be returning to finish the legislative session. Not sure if it will be in person or "remotely." Not sure if we are legitimately in adjournment. Not sure when... — Updated 4/22/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

COVID's effect on session

First update would be the Colorado Supreme Court's 4-3 decision that during times of crisis the legislature can adjourn for extended periods and it will not be counted against their... — Updated 4/8/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Possibly back in session?

Let's start with what may be happening at the legislature in the near future, emphasis on may. Latest rumblings are a short adjournment of 3 days (Senate and House rules help dictat... — Updated 4/1/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Falling revenue forecast

The real news is COVID-19. You are all more current on rising numbers, social separation, self-quarantine, shelter in place and business closures than could be covered in this... — Updated 3/25/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Historic break in session

Given the current Coronavirus pandemic and Governor Polis' State of Epidemic Disaster Emergency the legislature deemed it prudent to adjourn for two weeks, returning on March 30,... — Updated 3/18/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Prison beds on deadline

The bill didn't start out with any real sense of urgency, but circumstances beyond the legislature's control put it on the fast track. HB20-1019 – Prison Population Reduction and... — Updated 2/26/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

First major bill of the session

Repeal of the Death Penalty Debate No doubt you already know the Repeal of the Death Penalty bill passed the Senate and has moved on to the House. While not typically a topic for... — Updated 2/5/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Tackling budget for CO roads

It seems that everyone in Colorado agrees we need to do more to improve the condition and capacity of our roads. After that the unity begins to crack as people talk about funding... — Updated 1/29/2020


Session Starting to Shape Up by Dennis Hisey

With 270 bills introduced in the first eight days of the session, it sounds like we left the starting gate at full sprint but in reality, this is how it is supposed to work. By... — Updated 1/22/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

So it begins...

As the Second Regular session of the 72nd General Assembly begins let’s take a moment to review what’s been happening since adjournment last May. Lot of churn and more than a fe... — Updated 1/15/2020

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Apprenticeship Bill

Now that things are not moving quite so fast, we have time to do a little deeper dive in to a bill that passed and was sent to the Governor. First let me say I support apprenticeshi... — Updated 5/15/2019

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

2019 Wrap Up

In broad strokes here's what the First Session of the 72 General Assembly looked like. Democrats held a majority in both chambers, the Governor's Office and all of the statewide... — Updated 5/8/2019

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Election and Voter Bills

As this is being written we have five days left in the session, when the Constitution says 120 days it means 120 days. The final gavel on the first session of the 72nd General... — Updated 5/1/2019

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Up This Week

Mixed bag of bills coming up early in the week, I have a few on third reading that I would expect to pass with little discussion. One, a transparency bill, requiring a referral... — Updated 4/24/2019

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Bill Signings and Rule Changes

As we enter the final weeks of the session the flurry of bill signings will only intensify. Some bills are signed into law amid much fanfare and hoopla, others quietly in the... — Updated 4/17/2019

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Fire Fighting Foam and Equal Pay for Equal Work

As the only legislator drinking from the aquifer contaminated by PFAS it seemed fitting that I'd be part of HB19-1259, the bill trying to bring some transparency to their use. PFAS... — Updated 4/9/2019

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Budget and ERPO Passed

The Senate passed the budget this past week - the one thing we are required to do by law. This was the most collegial process the Senate has enjoyed on any major piece of... — Updated 4/3/2019

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Judge's Ruling and Red Flag

To set the first issue up – all bills are to be read in their entirety twice in each chamber, unless "by unanimous consent" they may be read by title only. This has become the... — Updated 3/27/2019

 By Dennis Hisey    Opinion

Bills on Our Calendar:

While the marquee (controversial) bills get the attention, the majority of the bills going through the Legislature focus more on some detail or clarification that should or perhaps... — Updated 3/20/2019


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