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Zero Population Growth of the '60s: Green New Deal?

If you were in junior high school or older in the 1960s, you heard about zero population growth (ZPG). It was a fad, or so I thought, but it became a prominent political movement... — Updated 5/11/2021


First responders and Alzheimer's

As unsettling as it may be to watch the video of the recent arrest of Karen Garner, a 73-year-old Loveland woman with Alzheimer's, it may lead to a more positive outcome for other... — Updated 4/27/2021


Harper Lee was correct!

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Cancel Culture, Wokites and radical Berkeley students have at least one thing in common: They do not tolerate opposing ideas. Instead, they are rude,... — Updated 4/21/2021


A real life AARF success story

Dear Editor, I was so excited to see the lengthy article by G. Connor Salter you ran about Adoptable Animal Rescue Force (AARF) and its partnership with Tumbleweed Kennels in... — Updated 3/16/2021


When will it end?

Hey all you red-blooded Americans, We are being devastated by all the negative propaganda about Donald Trump. Wake up. Can't you see that the falsely-elected, rotten J. Biden has... — Updated 3/9/2021


E Tu Brute, Mike Pence? 

In Shakespeare's play about the plight of Julius Caesar, we read an account of how Julius Caesar was murdered by his own senators.  Julius wasn't killed because of what he did but... — Updated 2/16/2021


Thankful for helicopters

To the woman who complained about the low flying and noise from Fort Carson helicopters. If it wasn't for an Army helicopter in Vietnam, my brother would be dead. The pilot may... — Updated 1/12/2021


A little noise? No big deal

I am replying to the person who complained about aircraft flying too low at least one time a week, which annoyed the person. Yes, I have seen and heard them also, but I watch and... — Updated 1/12/2021


Bogus Colorado 2020 Election

More people voted than were registered to vote in Colorado's 2020 election. I'm not surprised. On Facebook, I asked people to contact me if they received more than one ballot. A... — Updated 12/22/2020


Enough already!

REALLY?? Another gas station/convenience store is being built on the south corner of Mesa Ridge Parkway and Syracuse Street. At least it is not directly across the street from Mesa... — Updated 12/15/2020


Thank you!

I wish to thank you and, specifically, Connor Salter, for the lovely article he wrote about me and my pursuits as a writer. It reads wonderfully, is inclusive and accurate, and the... — Updated 12/15/2020


Prompt pothole fix

I reported a pothole before noon today. The man just finished repairing it; fixed in just over an hour. Kudos to the Fountain Street Department. I was very impressed with their... — Updated 12/8/2020


Kudos all around!

Thanks to Liz Rosenbaum, we have water that is safe to drink in the Fountain Valley. Thanks to Ken Lippincott, we can say "No!" to Smart Meters radiating in our yards. Thanks to... — Updated 12/1/2020


If it transmits, it's a smart meter

If a water meter transmits its data to the utility company offices, it is a smart meter. Smart meters emit electromagnetic radio frequency, low grade radiation, which is harmful to... — Updated 11/25/2020


Thankful for better park access

As the parent of a son with a severe brain injury, I fully understand the challenges faced by those with disabilities. While the Americans with Disabilities Act went a long way to r... — Updated 11/25/2020


City proposal infringes on rights

The city staff is proposing an amendment to the city zoning ordinance which would effectively ban homeowners from parking cars, trucks, trailers, boats or RVs on their property... — Updated 11/10/2020


Public input should be in person

Editor's note: The following letter was submitted before the Fountain City Council met last Tuesday to consider an electric rate increase. The council did vote unanimously to... — Updated 11/4/2020


The man in the red truck

On Oct. 25, I received an urgent call from my granddaughter who was stranded at the MM Equestrian Center in Fountain. She said that Uber was not available to pick her up, and could... — Updated 10/27/2020


State Patrol invites public opinions

Colorado is a vibrant, diverse state – whether describing our residents or our terrain. As your Colorado State Patrol, we provide many services and programs in an effort to make... — Updated 10/21/2020


Outgoing Landgraf endorses Bradfield

Nov. 3 is election day. I've served this district for eight years. I am term limited. This year you will be voting on a new state representative. I strongly endorse Mary Bradfield... — Updated 10/21/2020


Vote Bradfield for effective leadership

House District 21 has been blessed for years with great conservative leadership. I would like to recommend Mary Bradfield as our next state representative.  In my years of... — Updated 10/13/2020


Thank you, Security Fire

On Sept. 17, I took a tumble in my own garage. My body went north and my feet went south. Being nearly 78-years-old and a "few" pounds overweight, we knew that my husband could not... — Updated 9/30/2020


You Said It: Water news is refreshing

I just read the good news in the Fountain Valley News (9-2-20) and the Gazette (9-12-20) that the City of Fountain approved a new standard for water treatment to remove those toxic... — Updated 9/16/2020


You Said It: Letters to the Editor

I don't know what it's going to take to get Soldiers and Airmen to slow down along Hwy. 16! As a Retired Veteran, I've seen the discipline among our young troops seemingly get... — Updated 9/9/2020


Why I started to and still volunteer

Volunteering is a way to give back to a community that has given so much to you. I used to think that volunteering at REACH Pikes Peak was just come in, after school, and make food... — Updated 8/19/2020


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