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AYSO Results for May 6

Saturday was a beautiful spring day to play soccer!


Families and friends turned out to watch great games being played by great soccer players. We are so very proud of the improvements each player has made this spring soccer season! To thank all of the volunteers, players, and families for this fabulous spring soccer season, a barbecue will be put on next Saturday.


The Golden Team – Coach Megan

The Golden Team was amazing! Benjamin was awesome at kicking the ball to his teammates. Jaden played great as a defender while Caleb played outstanding today, and Amanda did well kicking and throwing in the ball. The Golden Team’s skills have really improved this spring soccer season!

Orange Tigers – Coach William

Good game, Orange Tigers! Kaylee made some great kicks while Tyler scored two goals for the Orange Tigers. The Orange Tigers skills have improved tremendously over this spring season! I am very proud of all the players.

Tiger Shark-Dolphins – Coach Wanda

Great game! Both Triana and Andrew had great defensive plays while Jeremy showed superb hustling, and Eliam and Selina had great offensive plays. Both Eliam and Triana scored a goal each for the Tiger Shark-Dolphins. Way to go team!

The Foxes – Coach Breanna

Bella did great dribbling and passing while Taylor made a goal today and had good hustle. Amanda was great at dribbling and controlling the ball, Toby had great hustle and control of the ball, Sarah had great hustle and dribbling, while Aliesa was excited and had great hustle.


Snow Leopards – Coach Jenny

Great passing team! Manual passed to Kennedy which resulted in a goal for Manual. As goalkeeper, Cameron made some awesome saves. On defense, Celeste stopped the ball and passed it to Kennedy, who passed it back and forth with Cameron, who scored a goal! Emma and Manual passed the ball to Cameron, who scored a goal as well.

Red Eagles – Coach William

It was an incredibly great defensive match today! Keoni played an amazing game, especially on defense. Yasir had an amazing game as goalkeeper and played well on both sides of the ball. A special thanks to Tyler for helping us out with a short team this week. Both Yasir and Cyer scored goals for the Red Eagles.


Savage Dogs – Coach Jenny

Great job team! Great ball control and passing to each other. Zander and Elijah passed the ball around the opposing players resulting in Zander scoring a goal. Sammi and Noah passed the ball back to Malakai who passed to Zander, who scored a goal. Hunter had some awesome saves as goalkeeper.

Tiger Sharks – Coach Dana

During the intensity of the game, Tyler played goalkeeper for the first half, blocked 23 out of the 30 attempts made by the opposing team. The second half was played by Matt as goalkeeper, who blocked four out of seven attempts made by the opposing team. Josh scored twice; while attempts for scoring were made by Josh, Andrew, Tyler, and Steven without results. Great game, Tiger Sharks!


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