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Bad Roads


I recently traveled to Oklahoma, and a good friend's hometown. Now, here in Colorado Springs, we passed a tax to get the streets fixed, but in this little town I saw some really bad streets. So what did they do?

Early this summer the city sent out a team to see just how bad their streets were. What would you do? Rather than go on the opinions of those who drove on the bad streets they called on a professional. Yes there are people out there who can tell you how bad a street is! The rig they use is a "bump mobile." It is a converted truck with outriggers with seats on them. As the rig travels the street a device records just how violent a bump is by the movement of the outrigger. A comparison between the driver and the outrigger rates the "quality" of the bump.

As it turned out, many of the locals turned out to see the rig in action. I was told that on some of the worst of the streets, the riders in the outriggers would have been thrown to the ground had they not been seat belted in! The show was quite a spectacular one. I can say from my experiences on their streets, they really need work. A few of the streets have seen some work, but if these were the worst, I am glad these had been fixed by the time I got there. They need to do a lot more! I can say that I do not think any of our "bad" bumps would rate as bad as theirs.


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