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Kudos to Mayor Pro Tem Phil Thomas for Speaking Out about Water Issues


September 6, 2017

Kudos to Mayor Pro Tem Phil Thomas for Speaking Out about Water Issues

Space limits prevented me from publishing this last week, but I wanted to be sure and give a shout out to Fountain Mayor Pro Tem Phil Thomas for recently speaking out about local water concerns, and what he felt was a lack of interest/response from state and federal officials.

If you read Mayor Pro Tem's Guest Editorial last week, and the responses we printed/posted to our Facebook page from both State Representative Lois Landgraf and U.S. Congressman Doug Lamborn (his response is on page 5), then you were made aware both indicated they have been following the water contamination issues, as they shared information about what has been taking place behind the scenes. While communication with Fountain City Council officials seems to have been lacking, I would definitely say that by speaking out, Thomas has brought light to hot only the communication breakdown, but he has also made sure that these local water concerns will remain a priority. As he told me in a conversation, "Every day when I walk out of my house I see the faces of the local residents I was elected to serve. They have to be my number one priority. If I need to speak out on their behalf, you bet I will do so." (See his newest response below.)

Related to this (and at the Mayor Pro Tem's request) we posted his Guest Editorial on this paper's Facebook page prior to publication in our print issue last week, so that more local residents would be able to view it. It was certainly well received with numerous comments.

Subsequently we also posted State Rep. Landgraf and Congressman Lamborn's responses. We feel doing so better serves our community and as such, will continue to share similar newspaper features like letters to the editor and messages from elected officials to further community dialog on the matters of most importance to the local community and you, our readers.

Later last week we also shared Mayor Gabe Ortega's recent column about truck traffic in Fountain as well as last week's letters to the editor about safety in Fountain and a warning from Greg Lauer, Fountain City Councilmember, warning about potential scams related to Hurricane Harvey.

Our thanks to Mayor Pro Tem Thomas for nudging us in this new direction, as well. It sure is nice being able to update our community on the latest news as well as a variety of local happenings in between "printed" issues. If you haven't liked our Facebook page see us at "Fountain Valley News." Also feel free to share your announcements there about local events, lost/found pets and more!


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