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When it comes to safety in Widefield School District 3, we have many layers to protect our community.


September 6, 2017

Samantha Briggs Widefield School District 3

Widefield School District 3's Safety & Security Team includes (from the left) Security Officer Don Roycraft, Director John Morse and Security Officer Brian Livingstone.

One of those layers is our Safety & Security Team. You've likely seen them driving around our neighborhoods in white SUVs with the district logo on the side.

The team consists of director John Morse and security officers Don Roycraft and Brian Livingstone. The team's main goal is to provide a safe learning environment for our students, and provide asset protection within the school district.

As a parent, you should feel confident the district has an extensive emergency plan modeled after the National Incident Management System. We conduct annual trainings at both the district and school level to keep our staff and students prepared for emergencies. In addition, every school has emergency drills throughout the school year utilizing the Standard Response Protocol. Many of these drills are conducted with our other first responder partnerships, to include fire and local law enforcement.

In addition, we have three School Resource Officers (SROs) from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office who are valuable assets in creating a positive school environment and keeping kids safe.

The SROs are the district's first line of defense in crime prevention. Deputy Quin Linebaugh works at Mesa Ridge High School, Deputy Matt McGough works at Widefield High School, and Deputy Amanda Torres overseas all three junior high schools.

We encourage the community to say hello and reach out with any comments, questions or concerns.


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