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Winter Birding Tips


October 11, 2017

Doug Harling

Well fall is slowly changing to winter. It's time to start getting your yard ready for the bitter

cold temps. Food and shelter are critical for the birds, but one commonly forgotten and

most important items the birds need most is water. Birds can find food and shelter in many

places but when the weather gets freezing cold, water can be impossible to find.

More birds die in the winter because of the lack of water than the lack of food.

Many of the bird specialty stores and most feed stores will carry bird bath heaters. I've

even seen them at some of the nurseries. You can send a message to my facebook page

for questions on where and what type will work best for you needs. (Facebook at Doug


Heated dog water bowls will work fine as well but please, please, please, put out the

water!! Even if you don't get food out in the winter, get the water out for them. When

temps get bitter, it can be a challenge to get out every day and fill feeders. I often just

take a bucket of food and toss it out on the lawn or deck. It can be cleaned up when

the weather warms up.

Another tip for shelter- trim some trees and shrubs after they go into winter mode and

use them to make a pile in your yard. If you can make several, that's even better. Birds

will use this to huddle for shelter and warmth. This can all be cleaned up in the spring.

Watch for new birds that you don't see the rest of the year. One of my favorite winter

birds is the Junco also referred to as "the snow bird." When you first see them running

around on the ground, you can bet snow is coming in the next couple days. I will feature

a picture and story on the Junco in next week's "Backyard Birding Tips".

Until next week...... water, water, water! :)

Contact Doug at (719) 290-1998 to purchase photos or see his Facebook page at My Colorado

Wildlife Habitat.


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