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AYSO Region 1225 Game News for Oct. 14, 21 and Nov. 4


November 8, 2017

The AYSO Region 1225 fall soccer season ended Saturday, Nov. 4.

It was so awesome to witness the soccer skills and confidence these players have acquired since September; we are so proud of every one of them! A big thank you goes out to the parents / families brought their kids to soccer and to the volunteers, who took the time to prepare for the season and to the volunteers who gave of their time and talent to teach the soccer skills.



Timber Wolves – Coach Michael

Nov. 4

The Timber Wolves have had an outstanding season. The team varied widely in skill level, but they all came together during practice and games to use each other’s strengths. In their final game of the season, the Timber Wolves missed the skills and experience of Luke and David, but Abraham, Kellan, and Scott (Scott made four goals while Abraham and Kellan each scored two goals) gave an outstanding performance, leadings their team to victory!

Wildcats – Coach William

Oct. 21

Everyone played very well; in fact, every player scored at least one goal. Eleven goals were scored by the Wildcats: Shane, Rae, Austin, and Caylee each made a goal; Michael scored two while Evelynn scored five! Great team work!


Broncos – Coach William

Oct. 28

Hard fought game! Thank you, Oliver, for playing on our team; in fact, with Oliver’s assistance, the Broncos scored six goals.

Nov. 4

The Broncos played a very hard game. Thank you, Elijah, for playing on our team, today. Yes, it was a very hard game and even though the players were tired at the end, they continued with their good passing and talking between each other. Elijah scored a goal for our team. I’m very proud of you, Broncos!

Wild Dragons– Coach Connie

Oct. 14

Great job, Wild Dragons on your win! Lyrik had several saves as goalkeeper and only missed two! Jacob, Raegan, and William each made several goals for a combination of 10 goals. Logan and Elijah played strong defenders and strikers. Way to go, Wild Dragons!

Oct. 21

Great job, Wild Dragons! Jacob played both great defense and striker, and he also scored a goal. William hustled as a striker, midfield, and defense, plus he scored two goals. Logan’s goalkeeper skills kept every shot taken on him out of the goal. Elijah scored a goal and had great team work. Lyrik made several saves in goal and played great defense.


Thunder Wolves – Coach Wanda

Oct. 21

Awesome game, Thunder Wolves!! Twenty- three goals were scored in total; Jayden scored a goal while Zander and Jestin scored 11 goals each. What a spectacular game!!

Oct. 28

Thunder Wolves, you are amazing! Kaleb made some great passes, as did Nevah and Autumn. Great defense by Isaiah, Yaremi, and Angelina. Outstanding forward play by Jestin and Zander. Jesus played great all around. Seven goals were scored; both Zander and Nevaeh scored a goal apiece while Autumn scored two and Jestin scored three.

Nov. 4

Thunder Wolves, you continue to amaze. Great come back. Great season! Way to pass Isaiah, Jasmen, Yaremi, and Jesus. Great game Autumn, Nevaeh, and Zander. Some fantastic goalkeeping Zander, Angenlina, and Kaleb. Some good goals Jestin and Hayden, who scored two goals apiece.


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