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Believe in the Magic!


December 6, 2017

I went to a restaurant the other day with my son after we dropped my daughter off to her morning rehearsal. It was nice to sit down one on one with him over a very good breakfast and guzzle absolutely wonderful coffee, I mean it was amazing. Just regular coffee but rich and strong. My son and I had way too many cups while eating. You know what coffee does to an old lady who has had a few kids... Yeah, I heard a whisper saying my name, softly at first, it progressively grew louder and I listened more closely. Soon it was yelling my name, almost cussing me out for not having answered the call. I HAD to use the restroom! NOW!

So down this long hall I followed arrows that led me to the ladies' room. Weren't they nice assuming I was a "lady" and not some crazy dame or a cute little girl. The signs took me behind the wait staff station and past the kitchen window where the plates were waiting for delivery. Yeah, I looked, they looked delicious, every single one. Then I followed an arrow around a corner to the right and then another to the left. Honestly at this point the mop bucket was looking pretty inviting. But I followed the arrows thinking this was a joke, after all, I was at a trendy spot downtown, they all do 'fun stuff' to amuse their customers, like walk them to death to use a restroom after freely pouring that black magic over and over into my cup. I almost expected to end up back at my table as the laugh would then be on me.... But their floor might be wet... now who's laughing?

I never gave up and stayed on course and finally found the restroom, clean and well decorated and rather cool, if you will. I only noticed the cuteness after I was finished ... powdering my nose. As I washed my hands in this really cool unusual trough like sink I looked on the wall at the little squares of paper with the words "I wish" printed on them and writing in many different colored pencils. In a basket to my left were blank squares and a cup full of colored pencils. A small sign reads. "This is where you as a woman can make a wish that only other women will see; just women."

I sort of got giddy about it right there in the ladies room all by myself. The idea was so cool. So I wrote a wish, my very own... then I placed it in the spring wire thingie that held all of the wishes. I knew my wish was not going to change the world and I knew that Santa wasn't going to see it, but I also knew my name was not on it and no one knew who wrote what. I thought later, maybe nobody reads them at all. Maybe, just maybe the cleaning crew comes in at night and throws those wishes in the trash so an empty spring thing is ready for the next day's wishes...

I don't care! I put my wish out there and all the universe can see it for all I care. Or no one. I still put it out there in a tangible form and boy did it feel good. I set it free from my heart and gave it to the world. No, I did not pretend to be in a Miss America pageant and wish for world peace, I am not that naive. I asked for something a lot easier to attain for all of us. The community, the great state of Colorado, the strong nation we live in, and the world eventually.

I love how I felt as I walked back out, along the arrows, around the corners, past the amazing food window and down the long hall. As I got back to my table where my son was waiting for my return so he could get rid of some of his own coffee, I told him about the wishing wall, he grinned and said that he thought that was really cool, he skipped off.

When he came back he was bummed a bit when I asked him if the wishes were in the men's room. He said there was only a waitress in the men's room who could not wait for the ladies room in between customers. I giggled and said, "I guess it's a chick thing"

As we drove home I thought about that poor waitress using the men's room because some female customer was in there reading wishes and writing her own, both a blessing and to some, a curse. It's all in the perspective I suppose!

As for my wish? Well it won't come true if I tell. Believe in the magic!


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