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A Look into the Life of the Wild Mustangs of Sand Wash Basin


January 24, 2018

Karen AuBuchon Johnson

This band of wild horses is one of the largest groups in the basin, belonging to Tashunka, a bay roan stallion. His band is pictured exiting a water hole after stopping for an afternoon drink and some fun time splashing in the water.

Colorful Colorado profile features photos of wild mustangs taken by Photojournalist Karen Johnson at the Sand Wash Basin in Northwest Colorado

Too see lots more photos and related story go to the web link listed below:

Karen AuBuchon Johnson

Picasso, the legendary pinto stallion of Sand Wash Basin and iconic wild mustang of the west. He is estimated to be around 30-years-old and has lived his long life running free in the basin siring lots of beautiful offspring.


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