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El Paso County Caucuses are Tuesday


February 28, 2018

El Paso County’s Democrat and Republic parties will host caucuses next Tuesday, March 6, starting at 7 p.m. You may want to get there early, closer to 6:30 p.m.

Caucus-goers elect delegates and alternates to various assemblies. These can include county, state house, state senate, county commission, state, congressional, and judicial assemblies. In some counties, caucus-goers elect delegates and alternates only to the county assembly, and those delegates, in turn, elect delegates to the higher assemblies; in other counties, delegates to the higher assemblies are elected provisionally at the caucus and ratified at the county assembly

The website for registration information for El Paso County’s Democratic Party is at

You must have been affiliated as a Democrat by Jan. 8 to participate (unless you turned 18 or became a naturalized citizen after that date but before the caucus). You must have registered to vote and have been a resident of your precinct by February 5. Call 473-8713 for additional information.

The El Paso County Republican Party leadership encourages everyone who plans to participate to pregister at

By preregistering you (dramatically) cut down on the amount of time you (and others) will spend in line signing in. 

Also, when you sign-up, the website will give you your Caucus location and voter information. Caucus locations change from year to year so your location may be different this year than it has been in the past. Preregistering for the caucus will also greatly cut down on the amount of data that our volunteers will have to enter post-Caucus.

To participate in the Republican caucus, voters must have been registered for at least 60 days before the caucus date, or since January 8. Additionally, voters must have been residents of their current precinct for at least 30 days on the day of the caucus and registered to vote there for at least 29 days, or since February 5.


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