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Is it Spring Yet?


March 14, 2018

Hope you all survived the "Spring Forward" clock change to Daylight Savings time this weekend. It has its pros and cons, but for me it's one more sign that soon the trees will be budding, birds will be singing a happier tune and our world will be going through yet another rebirth process.

I hope you will enjoy our photojournalist Doug Harling's "Birds of El Paso County" column this week, which focuses on one of the many migratory birds that will be returning to our area any day now... the Yellow-rumped Warbler. Doug (Fountain Valley's very own Bird Whisperer) shares some great information and delightful photos as usual. Thanks to all who have shared feedback about how much they enjoy Doug's column (we do pass it on to him). It is definitely one of my favorite features in our paper.

One of my favorite things to do in the Spring is spend time in my front yard which is filled with many tall trees, and enjoy the birds, as they flitter about and entertain all within earshot with their melodic songs. It is one of my favorite places to be with my two Weimaraners, Micah and Mason, (the boys) who join me in reveling in the beauty of nature. I am one of those crazy people who actually loves to do yard work, and soon will be grabbing my rake to tackle the fallen leaves and pine needles that have collected over the last few months. The boys usually follow along "helping me" until a squirrel sprinting across the yard distracts them and a chase ensues. I am continually amazed at how well Micah navigates the yard despite being blind for about a year now. Mason serves as a very good guide dog for him.

Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons, both have their own beauty and blessings. Though I am not much of a green thumb, I always look forward to planting flowers to brighten up the yard, and once again the outdoors becomes my favorite place to be.

With the mild winter we have had I have been able to enjoy it quite often lately, but do have concerns about the hazards of it being so dry. I actually love our spring rains, as long as they don't cause torrential flooding, which we have seen way too many times.

As Fountain resident Deborah Stout-Meininger stated at a recent Fountain City Council meeting, when the ground gets too dry, for too long, there is the possibility the flood waters will roll right over the hardened ground, rather than be absorbed by it.

Now would be a great time to talk to your younger family members and educate them about the dangers of flash flooding, to head to higher ground and avoid gullies, ditches, creeks when the rains start falling.

Here's to the arrival of spring very soon...

is it here yet???


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