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Ballingers Thank Community Members for Their Support at Benefit Car Show


karen AuBuchon Johnson

J.R. and Ramona Ballinger show the thank you sign that was made to show appreciation to all who recently participated in a Benefit Car Show for Ramona.

Ramona "Moni" and J.R. Ballinger of Security want to thank everyone who helped with a benefit car show held June 10 at Metcalfe Park in Fountain. All proceeds from the event went to Ramona's cancer fund to help with her many doctor bills.

Ramona was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the lungs. It was confirmed April 2 after she underwent testing.

Ramona and her husband J.R. said they were overwhelmed by the positivity of everyone at the car show. They both had a wonderful time and are grateful for everyone's donations.

"Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and generously gave from their heart, with sincere appreciation," Ramona said.

Ramona's brother-in-law Zeke Ballinger and friends Kevin Lustica and Lonzo Mestas helped organize the car show. Shortly after Ramona found out she had cancer, Zeke went to the doctor to have a lump on his arm checked and found out he also has cancer and is now undergoing treatment.

She had no idea that she had cancer. She went to the Fountain Emergicare thinking she had bronchitis and was treated by a doctor just filling in that day who just happened to be an oncologist. He recognized her symptoms and immediately sent her to the Memorial Hospital Emergency Center. Doctors there determined she had lung cancer. She found out she has a rare form of cancer; fortunately there is a new drug that targets the gene that causes this rare genetic form of cancer. The following week she started treatment. She shared her oncologist Dr. Vishal Rana is happy with the way her treatment is going.


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