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Fountain Police Department Officers Attend Youth's Birthday Party


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Jaidyn and some of his family members with FPD officers, from the left, Jacob Osman, Shannon Daly and Tori Mullineaux.

When seven-year-old Jaidyn Charlotte, son of Soraya Sargent of Fountain, invited Fountain Police Department officers to come to this birthday party at the Splash Pad at Aga Park, he knew they would show up since he had personally invited them.

He was right as several officers showed up to add an extra special touch to his party.

His grandmother, Maria Charlotte, and mother gave the following account of how the invitation was put into motion and what happened during and after the birthday party as well as sharing his feelings about the police.

"The weather was perfect on Friday night, and Jaidyn took full advantage of it. Nights like this when it's not too hot, but just right for riding bikes. He went up and down the street, around parked cars, and in and out of driveways. Jaidyn was enjoying his summer night.

The night became more enjoyable when he witnessed a Fountain Police Department vehicle pulling over a vehicle right in front of his house. I was watching him and tried to call him away, but Jaidyn kept riding and watching as the officers performed their duties.

Very soon he was able to talk to the police officers, which was a thrill for him. He told the officers that he would like to be a policeman so he could help people. Then, Jaidyn decided that he would like the police officers to come to his birthday party that he was having on Saturday and just like that he invited them. Jaidyn is a friendly soul and sees the good in everyone, but who in the world invites the police to a birthday party?

Saturday morning Jaidyn was filled with excitement. His party day had final came. He couldn't wait to go to the Splash Pad to celebrate. As the celebration began and his guests started arriving his smiles were getting wider.

Then to everyone's surprise, Fountain Police Department officers showed up to wish him a happy birthday. The nightshift had passed on the invitation to the day crew and they honored the invitation. Jaidyn wasn't surprised, he knew they would come; after all he personally invited them."

To his parents and grandparents, it was a wonderful thing to witness. The FPD officers had made Jaidyn's birthday extra special. But unbeknownst to everyone more surprises were coming.

Submitted Photo

Jaidyn with the officers' birthday presents which included a miniature police car.

After his party it was time to stay with his dad, William, at his other grandma's house and the next move the FPD officers made had everyone in awe. The officers that Jaidyn had spoken to the night before, Shannon Daly, Tori Mullineaux and Jacob Osman, came to the house and brought him a present. Not only did they bring him a gift but they let him, his brother, Joe, and all his cousins sit inside the police car. He also got to wear a vest and ask lots of questions and the best part was he got to push the button to turn on the overhead lights. Jaidyn smiled from ear to ear. It was a look of pure joy and happiness.

Thru Jaidyn's eyes the police are part of our community. They are part of our neighborhoods. They are there to help people and in his case made his seventh birthday just that much more special.

So who invites the police to a birthday party? People like Jaidyn who see the good in everyone.


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