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August 22, 2018

What do you do when after two months the roofing company that was "Johnny on the spot" the morning after the June 13 hailstorm still hasn't come to repair hail damage to your roof, despite repeated calls to report that every time it rains, water comes in old and new places through the ceiling and around light fixtures in your office...

What do you do when you are repeatedly told "my contractor is on the way," only to have a no show yet again...

What do you do when you find yourself at you wit's end with patience running very thin as you see staff members (as well as yourself) coughing and showing symptoms of allergies, possibly to mold exposure from all I have mentioned above happening with our roof and office...

The answer I have found is to simply do the best you can (and get a different roofer.) That's the most any of us can do really. And that's what we have been doing during this ordeal that started with the June 13 hailstorm.

We do understand your pain, Fountain Valley community. So many of you have had to get new roofs once, twice or even three times. So many have had cars totalled and got new ones, only for them to be assaulted by new hailstorms, leaving windshields smashed out again. I don't think anyone has been immune to the devastation the storms have caused.

A few things that we haven't heard mentioned in the news related to the hailstorms and damages incurred is the concern for mold exposure issues. As someone who was previously exposed to mold many years ago, I want to urge everyone to be sure to see your medical professional if you start having symptoms related to it. It can be very dangerous. Previously, I had pneumonia 2-3 times before mold was discovered in my home. I probably should have been hospitalized but thankfully wasn't. (I had to get the paper out after all!) I had been noticing a strange minty smell (for lack of any other better description) in the home. It's an older house so a little bit of mustiness could be expected at times. I suffered for a few months with that recurring pneumonia before we discovered mold inside a nearby wall. Though that was many years ago, that minty musty smell was unforgettable.

In the past week I noticed it in our office (after yet another downpour left water coming through our ceiling.) This is why our office was closed Friday as we told staff to stay home while we secured a new office space to relocate to. And as I write this column I sit here wearing one of those fancy masks that are made for moments like this.

This is also why I regret to say that the coverage of last week's Fountain City Council meeting as well as the recent EPA summit have been delayed a week. The paper is a little smaller than normal this week, and as such, there was limited news space. We needed to get it off to the printer to prepare for our move, and so we can get out of our building as quickly as possible.

Kudos to all of our staff who have braved the conditions in our office for the past two months and worked so hard to keep you informed of impending storms, the aftermath, and other important announcements you needed to know about (road damages, fundraisers, the El Pomar distribution and much more.) That's our job and we don't take it lightly.

Many are surprised when they learn how small our staff is, and when just about everyone is fighting off illness symptoms... from persistent coughing to one person having to be hospitalized for pneumonia; it gets quite challenging. We really need every one of us to make this paper happen and I am forever grateful and proud of how everyone has joined together to make it all happen. We are truly blessed with some of the best people in the world on our staff, or as I prefer to call them... our newspaper family. We thank for your patience as we are working to do the best we can.

The news never stops, and we have tried very hard to keep folks updated on lots of it through our paper's facebook page during the past week. I expect a strong come back next week and appreciate your understanding in the mean time. Your thoughts and prayers for all of our staff members who are not feeling well are much appreciated too! We have experienced such kindness from everyone we have worked with these past few days regarding the move as well as restoration work in our building and more. We are so very blessed!

Education is key to learning from bad experiences and I want to thank my friend and neighbor Vicki LaPlante from Eastern Slope Roofing for sharing the tips that are on page11 this week. She lives right here in Fountain and has quite a lot of experience with roofing, insurance and more. (She did a great job on the roof at my home, too.)

Until next time... hang in there Fountain Valley! Just do the best you can!


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