Public Safety Personnel Show Solidarity Under Current Leadership


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Patricia St. Louis

Public Safety Personnel Stand United Behind Their Leadership at City Council Meeting There was a full house for the start of the Fountain City Council meeting on August 14, when members of the city's fire and police departments came together in "Public Safety United" t-shirts to express their full support for their chiefs (Interim Fire Chief Michael Orr, Deputy Police Chief Tommy Coates and Police Chief/Public Safety Director Chris Heberer) and to tell the council that under their current leadership they are united like they have never been before. High praise was especially expressed for Chris Heberer who has served in the capacity of Public Safety Director for a couple of years now. Shown at the podium is one of the three speakers, Missy Reynolds from the Fountain P.D. Standing at the front of the audience, waiting their turns to speak are Mike Singles from the Fountain P.D. and firefighter Eric Markowski.

There was a Public Safety presentation at the start of the Aug. 14 Fountain City Council meeting, with standing room only as the council chambers were filled by members of the city's fire and police departments standing together in "Public Safety United" t-shirts.

Missy Reynolds of the Fountain Police Department spoke to the council first, to express the comradery and happiness within the two departments. She noted their satisfaction with the current leadership within both departments as well. Also from the police department, Mike Singles echoed her words of praise for how well the departments are working together and said that despite having only been with the department for about seven months now, he has been personally influenced and inspired by Public Safety Director Chris Heberer.

Third to speak was Eric Markowski from the fire department who noted the loyalty that the public safety offices have in the City of Fountain. He also expressed confidence and support in Interim Chief Michael Orr.

Interim Chief Orr is not a resident, and were he to continue in his role, he would need to move to Fountain. Earlier this year Chief Heberer had addressed the council about going to the ballot to ask residents to change the charter to allow for future chiefs to live outside city limits, however it was decided not to pursue the measure this year. Discussion is expected to resume in the spring.

At least one of the speakers urged city council to give due consideration to the recommendations made by Public Safety Director Heberber and to really listen to him.

During further discussions Mayor Pro Tem Phil Thomas stated that the residency issue has continued to come up and he would like to schedule a discussion group. Later in the meeting he mentioned this again and council agreed to plan for discussions to begin early on in 2019.

Also during the meeting, members of "Fountain A Place I call Home," a group of citizens who want top city administrators to live within the city and came out against the possible ballot measure, spoke to council and expressed their regrets that the members of the Public Safety team who were present early had already left. They had hoped to be able to express to the men and women of Fountain's Public Safety Departments how very much they do support them and appreciate them. They stressed their interests are about preserving the charter as it is, adding this has never been personally directed at people, only the positions they hold.

Highway 85/87 Dedicated

in Memory of Reverend James McMearn

Also during the meeting, Pastor Daniels of New Jerusalem Church announced that Highway 85/87 was going to be dedicated in memory and honor of Reverend James McMearn, a long-time leader and pastor in the Fountain Community, who worked in the civil rights movement previously too.

Mayor Gabe Ortega stated that Reverend McMearn had touched many lives and he was most deserving of such an honor.


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