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Saluting Some Remarkable Women Who Have Worked to Make Our Community a Better Place


September 12, 2018

Condoleezza Rice once said, "We need to move beyond the idea that girls can be leaders and create the expectation that they Should be leaders." This last week here in Fountain has shown us exactly what this quote means. We have some leaders in our community that we need to pay attention to this week because of the accomplishments they have achieved. Some we hope for continued success and one we have to say goodbye to, as they all have put their community ahead of themselves. These remarkable women, in their own ways, have worked to make their corner of the world a better place today than it was yesterday.

As you may have heard we have to say goodbye to one of Fountain's finest citizens. Ms. Lori Brazil passed away last week, much to the shock of those who knew her. Ms. Lori was one of those people who wanted to make the place she lived in better. Ms. Lori was involved with the Olde Town Committee, Downtown Events and The Thunder in the Valley. You would also see her at many community events just lending a hand. Ms. Lori was a quiet leader who showed her community what it meant to serve and to put yourself ahead of others. Ms. Lori was always quick to a joke and loved to give hugs, she will surely be missed. We live in knowing that because of her we are a better community today, than we were yesterday.

While we say goodbye to one we can continue to look forward because of others. I speak of three remarkable women who just last week rose to higher ranks within our Police Department. First of all I want to congratulate one of our newest Sergeants, Shannon Daly. She has worked hard to earn the respect of her department as well as our community as she continues to serve and protect this great city.

Then we have two others who have done something that hasn't been done yet by any other woman, until now. Both Missy Reynolds and Tara Mallett have earned the rank of Lieutenant within our Police Department. These two ladies have worked hard to earn the trust of not only their superiors but also those they work with as well as the community they serve. In a male dominated profession like this, the fact that these two individuals accomplished the rank of Lieutenant makes it even more special. However, it is best that we do not dwell on the fact they are the first women to accomplish this rank, it is best that we praise the fact that they earned this rank due to hard work, perseverance and dedication. They earned this because they did it with elbow grease and a passion to not only better themselves in their profession but to become the leaders they want to be as they move forward. So to Lieutenants Reynolds and Mallett, congratulations on your accomplishment, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg and you both will do great things in the future!

So as I reflect on all of those we are thankful for I am fortunate that in my life I have been around many strong, highly skilled women. From my Mother and my Wife, to those in my profession and of course my own daughters, women prove every day that hard work and perseverance are the true keys to success, regardless of who you are or what you're made of. Thank you to Ms. Lori, Sergeant Daly and Lieutenants Reynolds and Mallett for your commitment to your city, but Thank You more importantly for your leadership that you provide to us each and every day.


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