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October 24, 2018

Age: I am old enough to have experienced many situations and have coped with them successfully. I am young enough to withstand the rigors of interminable meetings and long hours. I am known for my deep understanding and enthusiastic efforts to solve real problems.

How to contact me:

Phone: 719-964-4773. Website:, Facebook:

Background Related Experience:

MBA, University Department Manager of both Medical and Transportation Engineering Departments. Spent 8 years working with Federal and State DOTs (Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho). Raised five children, always officer in PTA/PT SA. Army wife. Started three successful businesses. Six years as an exceptionally effective Colorado State legislator.

Q. What do you feel are the biggest concerns facing the position for which you are seeking re-election?

Biggest concerns facing me as a State Representative for HD 21.

* Fostering business in Colorado, large and small

* Keeping state taxes in line

* Finding cost effective ways of increasing teacher salaries and retention– Improving schools and school safety

* Improving healthcare for all Coloradans

* Improving roads and finding cost effective ways to do so

* Continuing to help veterans

* Staying abreast of concerns of HD 21 and taking whatever action is needed to solve problems of groups and individuals

* Guard against attacks on our constitutional rights.

Q. What makes you the best qualified candidate and why should voters elect you?

Six years of exceptionally effective Service as your state representative working well with both Republicans and Democrats to pass legislation which was good for all Coloradans.

Six years of listening to my constituents and finding ways to solve problems.

An example would be the recent water quality issue. It was my effort that brought together all included parties and with Congressman Doug Lamborn and Senators Gardner and Bennet, resulted in Fountain, Security and Widefield water managers going to Washington DC and meeting with Air Force leaders to earn our area priority in funding to reimburse us for the huge costs of cleaning up our water. While on Fountain City Council I was a proponent of the Southern Delivery System which gave our water manager the alternative to using groundwater supplies.

Six years of fighting for one of the largest group of citizens in HD 21, the active, retired and former soldiers, sailors, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard veterans. I initiated a veteran’s caucus in the state assembly which meets monthly to share their concerns directly with members of the legislature. I also was the leader in that Legislature of numerous successful laws protecting or enhancing the lives of these men and women. I have received several awards from veterans’ organizations.

Six years of working hard with both Republicans and Democrats and knowing the key people in the state bureaucracy to make things happen to increase access for all Coloradans to health-related agencies; to ensure access of every Coloradan.

Six years of warding off attempts to chase businesses out of our state. I have been a leader in passing legislation which benefits large and small businesses and large and small farms and helps our state maintain a welcoming climate.

I went to bat for the City of Fountain when they fought the RTA over taxes at the new Walmart/Sam’s Club complex but was stopped in passing legislation when it was ruled that I could not solve a problem by legislation that is the subject of a current lawsuit.

For a more comprehensive view of my contributions please see the list of awards I have won from both Conservative and Liberal organizations. Read the list of legislation I have been instrumental in passing into law. All is at my website at

I have worked hard for you while in Denver and have hosted or attended hundreds of meetings and/or luncheons etc. in HD 21. If you haven’t attended, please see my website for dates/ locations or call me (which many of you have done.) I always look forward to hearing from you.

Read what the Gazette says about me. I look forward to serving you another two years and thank you for your vote.


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