Candidate Profiles State Representative House District 21 Liz Rosenbaum Democrat


October 24, 2018

Age: 42

How can voters contact you?

Phone: 719-661-5108

[email protected]

Background/Related Experience:

* Former High School History Teacher

* Pikes Peak Community College- Social Sciences & Cultural Anthropology

* Regis University - Secondary Education, Social Sciences

* Community Activist: Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition, founder

* Voltaire Engineering: project manager solar, electric (residential and commercial), remodels, home additions

Q. What do you feel are the biggest concerns facing the position for which you are seeking election?

We have a vibrant community living in the Fountain Valley area, an inclusive place where we want to provide our children with a well-rounded education, pursue meaningful careers and protect our environment. We have failed our students by allowing archaic laws and amendments to limit spending to the deficit of more than $850 million to our schools with no possibility of replenishing lost funding due to an economic downturn more than 10 years ago.

As a former high school history teacher and a mother of two children who have both graduated high school, my personal experience with these failing school systems makes me the perfect representative for our community and state. As a teacher, I would spend my own meager salary to stock food in my classroom for my students, so they could concentrate on their World History lesson rather than their hunger pangs. These same students are now parents, with children headed into kindergarten, faced with the same continued lack of funding and continued cuts. We are not setting this next generation of students up for a successful future. As your State Representative I will fight for better funding so our children can build the necessary skills and attain the requisite knowledge to successfully create meaningful careers using technology which has not been developed, because they will be the ones to invent it.

I have only lived here about 15 years, shortly after the Schlage Lock contamination, I heard about it, was told it was taken care of, and didn’t think too much more about it. Then, while running for our local county commissioner seat, I learned about the PFAS / AFFF / firefighting foam contamination, a dry cleaning chemical contamination, and like so many other people here, I was outraged. During the community meeting in June of 2016, I sat in the middle of the auditorium and I listened to the rage, confusion, and desperate voices pleading for something to get done. Why is it our home keeps getting contaminated? The day after I lost my county commissioner campaign, I gathered with friends, neighbors, and other concerned people and I started organizing a community group to better understand what happened to us and how we can prevent further contaminations. I will strive to set up legislation to protect our drinking water and I see this as positive growth for not only our community, but our state as well. Working with our community, we have turned our anger into action. Our entire aquifer is completely contaminated, we are bringing in water from other sources and not only are the filters an extreme expense, we are still filtering from the Schlage Lock contamination. I am saying at this point, I stand in solidarity with my community in saying enough is enough and let’s work towards solutions and preventions. Our health is literally at stake.

Q. What makes you the best qualified candidate and  why should voters elect you?

As a military spouse I learned very early just how important community and information was to our families. Before leaving Germany we visited Normandy Beach, and while I was standing in the sand with the waves gently rolling around my feet I was compelled to the teaching career, I just had to teach history, and I needed to participate in the world around me. Unfortunately, my teaching career fell victim to the state’s budget cuts.

When we moved here from our duty station in Germany, I sought out my husband’s unit’s family support group. Finding out there wasn’t one, I worked with the families and single soldiers here to establish a group which is still going strong today. For my work organizing this group I was awarded the Commander’s Award for Public Service. During 9/11 our support group had such amazing connections that we were able to receive timely and valuable information.

Throughout my teaching career and later as a small business owner, the frustrations and joys I experienced have now led me to a different way of contributing to our community, a way to have my voice be the voice of people around me. We have such an amazing community here, one that has so much potential, and for some reason most of us have stopped participating or we don’t know how to jump in with ideas. Not only have I been campaigning to earn your vote to be your State Representative, I have identified more amazing people here who also need to run for office. I truly believe we can move our community and state forward with positive growth when we all participate in the dialog and solutions. Send me to Denver and I will not allow our community to be ignored anymore.


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