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I Resolve to Be a Better Me!


December 26, 2018

Typically, when I write my column I can write about things in the here and now, the things that are currently on my mind or popping up. Well, with the Holiday Season things at the printer change, gee people like to have time off to spend doing whatever they do for the Holidays. I get it. It means that the paper has to press forward a bit and some things have to be done sort of back to back. Just a hiccup to add to our lives. No big deal.

So, I am forced to think ahead, like now, I am pondering the New Year. I am not and never really have been a round peg, I know the 'square hole' says I am supposed to make a New Year's Resolution. I am supposed to build up this huge expectation for myself and in the end set myself up to fail. I like me, why would I do that? So I am supposed to say "I am going to lose a gazillion pounds in 2019?" What makes this new year more special than the last one or the four before it? It sounds negative but I do not mean it that way, I mean I didn't lose a gazillion pounds all those other years, what is happening in this one that is going to change that.... Well, besides a heart attack ha ha. I mean, is there some sort of predicted mashed potato shortage in 2019? I have not heard of one.

I choose to (instead of being so hard on myself and in the whole picture, the people I care about), to be just ...better.

To love openly and without restraint.

To give willingly with generosity.

To continue to smile, maybe creepily.

To laugh from my heart and share my joy.

To see the world and its occupants in a positive light... at the very least with some humor.

Don't sweat the small stuff, because really it is small stuff. It does not impact the big picture.

Having had my child die at the age of 29, with great plans for the future and hopes and dreams not yet achieved, not just for her but also the ones I had for her, has given me a bit of a different view. I know that (and in some ways, I wish you could see) all that I learned. How important coloring with your kids while the sink is full of dirty dishes is. How just looking at the face of your children, even as adults, when they are full of joy, can be so very precious to you. Perfection is not important but acceptance is the world. Life does not last forever, make the absolute best of it. Time is the most precious of gifts... no matter who you are or what your station is in life. Big gestures are nice but just really being tuned in is priceless.

So, I simply resolve to be a better me, happier and full of love to share. What great things are you going to do in 2019?


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