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State Senate District 2


January 9, 2019

By way of introduction, my name is Dennis Hisey and by the time you read this I will be your newly minted and freshly sworn in state senator from Senate District 2 (SD2). It's fair to expect this to be the first of many columns bringing you updates on the happenings under the gold dome – the gold coming from Teller County – one of the five counties that make up Senate District 2. Park, Fremont, Clear Creek and the rural portions of El Paso rounding out the list.

I would be remiss without thanking my predecessor Senate President Kevin Grantham for his eight years of dedicated, principled leadership in representing SD2. I can't tell you how many times I've been told I have big shoes/boots to fill. You would have been hard pressed to find a harder working or more committed legislator during his tenure and I have no doubt his finger prints are all over my election to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) by my fellow caucus members.

The six-member Joint Budget Committee is the only committee of reference (standing committee) that includes both House and Senate members. We began meeting shortly after the election in November and wrapped up our pre-session meetings on December 21. It is also the only committee that requires all members to vote in the affirmative to advance a JBC bill – the budget of course being the most critical.

With counties being an arm of the state my tenure as a county commissioner was good preparation for this role and thus far it has absolutely been a great learning experience. For those of you wondering how a Senator-elect or Representative-elect can cast votes prior to taking office the solution was previous legislation allowing the "elect" to be a full participating member in pre-session JBC business.

For those of you I haven't met, the last name (Hisey) is pronounced Hi-Zee or Hi-C depending on which family member you ask. With either or any pronunciation, I would just like to hear from you. So, feel free to visit – we are in session from now through May 3 or call the office (303) 866-4877, you can also call or text the mobile phone (719) 351-2121 – if you text please include your name. Email is also good [email protected] Might even be able to get you onto the Senate floor if let me know you are in the building or when you plan to be there.

I appreciate that every resident of SD2 is a constituent for me to represent and I take that responsibility seriously. It is truly humbling and an honor to represent you at the state capital.


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