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Faith in Humanity Restored


January 16, 2019

Sometimes we lose faith in humanity and then something happens and you (all at once) are filled with hope.

I received an email last week from my super wonderful and possibly practically perfect in every way editor in which she is telling me of this "sweet fella" named Junior who came to the office and loves our Bird Whisperer's column and also really likes mine. I have complained about my old car and my lack of faith in its performance and duration on the road in my column on an occasion or two. So, this sweet man felt compelled to help me. He has a car that he and his wife no longer use and it is in need of some repair, but he thought I might be able to get it back to rolling on the road, it's sort of a diamond in the rough. It needs a bit more help than I, a person who has never worked on a car, thought could be done; but I, along with Old Man (my husband), thought we would check with our dear friend and see if he thought we could make a go of it. He has a small shop for his business vehicles in which we can do some repairs...

My point is not to expand on the repairs and plans for said repairs, but about the kindness in the heart of 'Junior.' He figured it's just sitting there and while he could probably sell it or offer it up to a neighbor or what have you; he chose to offer it to me in a sweet gesture... I am just so stunned by his kindness.

Junior told us of his time in service to our country between the military and his time with the postal service. I learned he is from Louisiana and would love some "recipes from home." He has been a resident of the Fountain Valley for 45 years and is quite a character. I adore his giggle. I think the people that live around Junior have to love this guy, he is so colorful and has stories to keep you entertained for a good while.

So we talked to our friend and showed him the photos we took of the car and he said we could probably repair it fairly simply and cheaply. He is ready when we are to go pick it up in the tow truck he has. So, we will be visiting Junior again to pick up the car.

How do you say Thank You to someone for this?

How can a "Thank You" even compensate for the gesture?

So, Should I bring Junior some gumbo? Some crawfish casserole? A gift card for a Cajun restaurant that is one of my favorites? I am at a loss as to how to properly say thank you.

This gesture did more than give me an option for another vehicle, it renewed my faith in mankind. That is more priceless than I can demonstrate. I believe in paying it forward and sharing goodness...

So Junior, look out, something good will come your way, if not from me personally, from the universe. For you Sir, are a Good man!!


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