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It's Cookie Time!!!


February 20, 2019

I am such a sucker for a cute little face, especially if it is speckled with freckles. Those little savvy youngsters wearing accomplishment badges and uniforms, get me every time.

I am not a fan of Boy Scout popcorn, never have been. Do not get offended because I will buy it from those little entrepeneurs, too; it may just get donated to someone else or forgotten in the back of the pantry until I buy it again the next year. My rational thinking self knows that this popcorn is overpriced and I can get the same quality at the local grocery store; but the other softie side of me wins every time!

For years I had a little blonde, blue-eyed visitor who was just adorable with a spattering of freckles. His mom is smart and knew I could not resist him. She would always tell him, "Miss Alice, don't forget her" and he and his great big smile would walk up to me and I would buy, buy, buy. I would go home with my popcorn order and Old Man would say, "Why did you buy popcorn?" I would say one word "Joseph" and he knew my addiction to cuteness had kicked in and he would nod; because he was a sucker for that boy as well. Some kids just get ya!

Well, Joseph has grown up, and I am not an easy target for those cute little Cub and Boy Scouts like I was when I worked at an elementary school or had a kid playing soccer in a community league. No, I have escaped that particular pressure... that cuteness overload!

Yes! I am free...

But there is still the little Girl Scout cookie issue and you know what? They have cute little adorable and very polite girls selling their wares as well!!

Okay it is not fair... I make my own cookies, the only cookies one needs to buy are Oreos because, well... duh, they are Oreos. No... I don't get the hype about the Girl Scout cookies. Old Man can sit with a huge glass of milk and eat an entire box of 'Tag a Longs' after work. He can devour 'Thin Mints' like Superman can fly, "faster than a bullet!" He can eat 'Samoas' with coffee for breakfast. I could eat two 'Samoas' with a cup of tea and I am set for the entire year.

Those little sweet girls standing by tables of cookies outside the stores I go to call to me, "Hello Ma'am, would you like to buy some cookies today?" and then they blink and flash those little eyes and a big sweet smile... well, what are you going to do...? You are going to buy cookies, dang it! I always ask the kids what their favorite kind is and oh, discussions erupt amongst those kind polite adorable little girls, it's fun to see them try to remain polite whilst they argue which cookie is best... Try it next time you fall prey to the best marketing strategy ever created.

Happy cookie season!!


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