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Ugh, blanket trolls...


February 20, 2019

Amelia Trulson

Editor's Note: This week we are pleased to share with you the writing talents of yet another Trulson lady! Below you will find Amelia Trulson's response to one of her mother Alice's recent "OH MY WORD" columns, that she wrote as part of a school assignment. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did! Stay tuned as you might just see more from this bright young lady in future issues! It is truly a pleasure to welcome Amelia to our pages...

What a good name for us, the teenagers of the world. We really are unproductive aren't we? I agree with the frustrations that Alice Trulson expresses in her recent column titled "Blanket Trolls". As a teenager (and as the daughter of the writer) I see what the writer is talking about everyday. As stated in the column, I myself, am anti-troll. It clearly states, "Now I am not talking about my 'perfect' teenage daughter, oh heavens, no...(yeah, no sarcasm there huh?)...My kid is not allowed to leave the house undressed or wrapped in a blanket..."

I feel like the impact of this on teenagers could go one of two ways: either teenagers are going to look at this and think 'wow, I really do look like a hobo' or we are going to get outraged by it because we just want to be comfortable. I hope that parents who read this and parents who have read "Blanket Trolls" will talk to their kid about self-pride and esteem. I do think there are exceptions to the rule however. If someone is going through cancer treatments or is sick, I think those people are allowed to wear blankets in public. However, I think that is the only exception I would make. Other than that, if you are cold, where a jacket.

We really are lazy. Being in high school and seeing the people that are supposed to be future doctors and future members of society, I really am nervous for our future. We have very little ambition. Instead of paying attention in classes, we would rather go home and look up the answers, therefore not really learning anything. We are more concerned with getting designer makeup and sweatpants and a nice Victoria's Secret blanket, than we are with getting good grades and being accepted into a good college. Of course I am not saying this about all teenagers because I do know some that do plan to go to college and do plan to do something with their lives. Just generally, a lot of teenagers do slack off and depend on the internet to give them the answers.

I think that teenagers need to start taking more pride in who we are. We are not trolls. We are human beings. We should start supporting each other and encouraging others to always do their best. I think that older people need to look at us in a better light and not just as a bunch of young and dumb teenagers. While we are teenagers and we all do make dumb decisions, I feel that we deserve to still be viewed as good people.

Right now, there is so much pressure on teenagers to look a certain way and act a certain way, that we have sort of given up.

Now, I'm not saying that I am exempt from this teenage laziness because I am definitely writing this while wearing an old sweatshirt with my hair thrown up in a ponytail at school wishing I was still in bed.

But, I do think that we should start taking more pride in who we are and that we should lift others up instead of poking fun at each other.


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