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Harmful to Colorado? You Decide!


Last updated 6/12/2019 at 3:11pm

As in most things in life, legislation, being good or bad, is in the eye of the beholder. Or, more appropriately, the voter. Below are bills that passed that I think are especially bad for Colorado. None of these bills received a single Republican vote.

The National Popular vote bill places Colorado in a compact with other states to direct all electoral college votes toward the candidate receiving the most popular votes within the compact. While this may sound good, Coloradans votes would become completely irrelevant. All national elections would be decided by New York and California. SB 19-042, sponsored by Senator Foote and Representatives Arndt and Sirota was signed by the Governor. Petitions are being collected, state wide, to put the question on the ballot which will allow the citizens to vote.

By now I am sure you have all heard of HB 1177, the Red Flag Bill. The bill allows any individual or family member to lodge a safety complaint against a defendant resulting in the defendant's firearms being removed from their possession without notice or due process. Families, neighbors, employers and others must be notified of the enforcement action. The defendant must prove they do not suffer from a behavioral health disorder to get their guns back. While this may sound like a good idea, it does nothing to address the real problem of mental health disorders. The Governor signed this bill sponsored by Representatives Sullivan and Garnett.

Of course there was the Oil and Gas bill that transfers approval of oil and gas well operations to the local level. The Oil and Gas Commission membership and responsibility is transformed from a proficient industry regulator into a special interest environmental regulator. The bill has far-reaching implications for employment and the state economy. Despite committing to protect the Oil and Gas industry during his campaign the Governor signed HB 181, sponsored by Representatives Becker and Caraveo,

One you may not have heard of was HB 1124, a bill whose name sounded good, Protect CO residents from Federal Government Overreach, but was anything but. This bill, by Reps. Lontine and Benavidez prohibits any Colorado state agency or employee from cooperating with the federal government in any way in the apprehension or detention of an individual suspected of being in the country illegally. Sanctuary cities, here we come.

Next is the bill by Rep. Cutter, HB 1110, that requires a study of media literacy within district schools and implementation of those recommendations to educate elementary and secondary students on social media savvy. Our teachers don't have time during the day to teach civics but they will be able to teach kids to be media savvy? Whatever that means? Of course, the Governor signed.

And last, the bill that will allow local governments to set their own minimum wage within their respective jurisdictions. HB 1210, by Reps Melton and Galindo was signed by the Governor.


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