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My Songbird Went to the Big Apple


Last updated 6/12/2019 at 3:34pm

So, my little girl went to New York City and had a great time... She saw all the things one expects to see while visiting The Big Apple. She saw the Broadway production of Lion King and afterwards her group sang to the stage actors and made them cry. They ate lunch in Central Park, rode the subway, sang at Carnegie Hall, went to see Lady Liberty, toured the Metropolitan Museum, rode a double decker touring bus, saw naked people painted head to toe, ate at a famous deli and ate New York style pizza. They got harassed by real New Yorkers as they took up too much space on the sidewalks and subways. They experienced all the city had to offer that they could fit into the short trip.

They ended their visit with a trip to the 911 Memorial before they headed to the airport. As they were leaving traffic was tight and some of the streets were really jammed up. They learned that a helicopter had just 'hit a building'... they were panicked; only naturally. As were the parents that got the text from kids telling us so. How scary to have your kid in New York when another flying machine strikes a building! And it isn't September... oh my word!

Of course, we take to the news to see what in the world is going on as flights are now delayed and we have no ETA for arrival at Denver Airport. Whew! Not a terrorist action, simply an accident. (Sad for the pilot's family) But still their flight keeps getting pushed back later and later, they were supposed to land at DIA at 7:55 p.m. After an expected long day in jury duty I had to run back home and pick up Old Man and a surprise for our daughter and head to Denver airport. Miracles were being prayed for. The delay was a small one at first but then it grew and swelled the edges of time, to where it was pushed to 2:30 a.m.

Imagine 48 singing kids tired from a full schedule, wet from rain and hungry, are now stuck at LaGuardia Airport. I have not been given all the details yet, but I am sure singing was involved for the other stranded travelers, that's a typical move for these kids.

The weather was so bad that planes were not able to land, the one that was to land and pick up the singers was stuck circling the airport until they finally sent it to Pittsburgh to land. Which now meant another plane was to fly the kids here, arrival times changed again... shorter, then shorter again...and shorter still. Arrival time was now 1 a.m. Yay. Did not mean anymore sleep but for some reason 1 a.m. was better than 2:30 a.m. Were we really winning? No... shhh, don't tell us that.

So off we went at 11 p.m. to pick up our girl with coffee and our surprise in hand. Traffic was great that time of night, we sailed up there and arrived just as they landed. We met them in baggage claim and we were the center of attention because the surprise for our daughter who is turning 17 next week was a puppy, an 8-week-old fluffy little ball of blonde fur. He is a "designer" dog, (no longer mutts.) Husky and Shepard mix. She wanted a Basset Hound but we could not find ANY unless you mail order one from some other state and we all know what that means. So now we need to name this little boy and teach him about us. What a joy. She fought off tears when she saw him.... We did win after all.

We got home as the sun was rising and breathed in a sigh... all were safe and love was abundant. Oh my word... coffee!


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