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A couple of years ago I had an opportunity to travel to San Antonio with others from Colorado to observe a homeless shelter and drug rehab program that a group of citizens and donors had created. I was amazed at the wide range of services they were able to provide and how successful their program was. I believed at the time, and still do today, that we need a similar program in Colorado.

When a former veteran, Skyler Nelson, requested a meeting with me to discuss a similar idea for vets I decided it was time to act. A meeting was set with stakeholders representing Veterans organizations in El Paso County, mental health professionals, and city employees and an elected official from the City of Fountain. And our project was launched.

Everyone at the meeting was in agreement. A program of some sort was needed in the Fountain Valley for veterans. One that would offer behavioral health treatment, possibly medical treatment, employment services, as well as transitional housing. In other words, A Veterans Support Services Planned Community! We have now had a few meetings. It is starting to receive media attention. We have a mission statement, "Create a Community in the Fountain Valley for military Veterans that offers transitional housing and supportive services", and we have filmed a "storyteller" video we will be able to use to further get our word out.

I truly believe this project will go forward. We are not at all sure what it will look like, or where it will start. We have some possible land identified. We are now talking to various non-profit organizations to try to get some help with raising funds. We will most likely start small and grow. Or, then again, if we find the money, we may start big.

Hopefully, we will eventually end up with a Community program for Veterans that will provide transitional housing, mental and physical health treatment, and other wrap around services. The goal? Give back to the Veterans who have given so much to us. Assist those in need in becoming active, productive citizens once again. A project like this will take a long time to succeed. With enough support I believe we will be successful.

Our most recent meeting was July 16. If anyone wants more information or would like to get involved, contact me at [email protected]


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